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NBA players like putting on a funny show, and we’re not just talking commercials, Shaq’s All-Star Comedy Jam, or Metta World Peace’s stand-up comedy tour. This season, cable stations have announced a raft of upcoming new comedy shows being made in association with NBA players, including Dwayne Wade’s newest sitcom. Stay tuned for more.


Photo: Dwayne Wade/Instagram

Dwayne Wade green lights “Three, the Hard Way” on Fox
Just two days ago, it was announced that Dwayne Wade had sold the rights to his life story to Fox, which will be turning it into a 30-minute sitcom series called “Three, the Hard Way.” The show will more specifically be based on his best-selling memoir, A Father First: How my Life Became Bigger than Basketball, a chronicle of the single dad performing the careful balancing act between being a professional athlete and caring for his two sons.

The fictional story is to be penned by Ben Watkins of “Burn Notice” fame, and will follow Wade’s aptly-named alter ego, Daryl Wade—a prolific NBA player with an entourage of oddballs that suddenly finds himself bearing full custody of his two young sons. The real Wade tweeted, “So blessed… I hope my story can help others…”
Dare we hope it will be an NBA version of Two and a Half Men?

Photo: Still image from Access Hollywood ESPYs footage/YouTube

LeBron James heads up “Survivor’s Remorse” on Starz
Announced earlier this season, Starz’ newest offering will also be telling a story of fame and its side-effects. With LeBron James on board as an executive producer, “Survivor’s Remorse” sounds like a new take on “Entourage”—it follows two Philly guys who rise out of poverty to gain more fame and dough than they can handle.

The comedy/drama hybrid will have them struggle with the problems of the one per cent as they learn to deal with their newfound money, stardom and guilt from having gotten out from their previous impoverished lives. LeBron will stand alongside Tom Werner, a veteran sitcom producer who has worked on the likes of “The Cosby Show” and “That 70s Show,” as well as Mike O’Malley, who has been involved with “Shameless” and “My Name is Earl.” Starz hasn’t said when the show will be airing.


Photo: Eric McCandless/Disney XD

Tyson Chandler, Stephen Curry, Kenneth Faried and DeAndre Jordan observe Pranksgiving on Disney XD

It’s been a while since we’ve been inclined to change the channel to Disney, but appearances from some big names in the NBA may make it well worth getting poked fun at by everyone you know. The good news? You’ll have the last laugh. Tyson Chandler, Steph Curry, Kenneth Faried and DeAndre Jordan will be taking part in a month-long TV special on Disney, wherein they’ll star in prank-themed episodes for Pranksgiving.
The special episodes started Nov. 4, airing every Monday with the guys popping into various shows to play tricks on their characters alongside Crash the puppet from “Crash and Bernstein.” From the interviews, it looks like the players are enjoying the opportunity to connect with their youngest fans. Disney is also tapping the power of social media by allowing viewers to vote on what pranks the guys will pull off every Monday, so gather ‘round the kids.


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