The Zero SR Electric Motorcycle


This isn’t your grandma’s e-bike.

This is Zero’s brand new Zero SR motorcycle, a new 2014 model that is pushing the limits of what it means to be an electric motorcycle, and boasting enough power and torque to compete with (and beat) some gas-fueled models.
What more, it packs 67 horses into a relatively tiny, 407-pound package, which is set to amaze any rider comparing it to a gas-burning model. It also holds an impressive top speed of 102 miles per hour.
But how does its range hold up when it’s throwing off all this power and speed? The Zero SR can actually drive up to an astounding 171 miles on a single charge, when fitted with an optional battery pack (the new “Z-Force Power Tank”), which ought to make anyone think twice about buying something that runs on fossil fuels. Without the pack, it can go up to around 88 miles at nearly ⅔ its maximum speed, or 130 miles at around 55 miles per hour, which makes it a perfect fit for the urban warrior.
What’s great is that a standard battery pack requires only 7.9 hours to fully charge, or 9.9 hours with the additional cell (that’s just one sleep to those keeping count). However, charging times are almost halved with a quick charging accessory to 4.6 and 5.8 hours, respectively. Incredibly, it only requires a connection to a standard 110V or 220V electrical outlet.
Performance features include 43 mm front suspension forks, an improved rear shock and extremely tight-performing front and back brakes, giving it the feel of a true sports motorcycle. The luxury touches are also worth noting, which include an LCD display instead of a gauge cluster that toggles between “eco,” “sport” and “custom” riding modes, and can also handily be accessed through iOS and Android mobile apps. 

As of this writing, the SR model only comes in the deep red pictured, but a lack of colours doesn’t detract from its functional beauty. Its sporty cosmetics come from a meticulously designed heat sink that keeps it cool, and a dummy fuel tank that houses its electric cells.
If you’re thinking of picking one up, check out Zero’s 2014 line. The SR model starts at a cool $16,995, so going green won’t necessarily come cheap. The upgraded battery adds an extra $2,495 to the cost, and the quick-charge unit adds $599.99. However, note that US riders can get 10 per cent of the street-legal bike’s cost back from the government, and a potential 30 per cent back for the charging accessories—you’re welcome.


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