This Year’s Funniest NBA Videobombs


NBA players, well, some of them are kids, and some of them are kids at heart. In any case, they love getting into trouble, especially when people are watching. Ballers have been photo- and videobombing their teammates in interviews for a while now, but this year really took the game and stepped it up—cartwheels, dancing, crazy faces, we’ve seen them all. Here are some of the funniest courtside moments of 2013, starring the screwball cast of the NBA. We can just picture their coaches warning them that they’ll be losing towel privileges soon.

1. Dwayne Wade
There have been funny faces. There have been towels thrown. But nothing—we repeat, nothing—comes close to the most recent, game-changing videobomb Dwayne Wade pulled off during an interview between LeBron James and a reporter less than three days ago. The limber guard pulled off not one, but two Olympic-grade cartwheels behind a shocked James (that he can still be shocked after so many videobombs is astounding). But what makes this really impressive is the sheer tenacity: think about the logistics of a 220-pound, 6’4” guy doing a cartwheel. Think of the wingspan.

2. Chris Bosh

Put simply, there could be entire websites dedicated to the straight-faced bandit’s masterful photobombs. In fact, Chris Bosh’s expression is generally known as “the Chris Bosh face,” and he’s a mainstay of the art of bombing other players’ interviews. His latest antics have been relatively tame compared to previous attempts, but those featured on Conan’s interview ( with the Heat’s biggest joker are a great summation of his earlier and continued prowess. After the summer’s hiatus, Bosh was back in full form at this season’s opener when he got LeBron (who else?) with his patented death stare.


3. Courtney Lee
The best videobombs are those that completely and utterly destroy any chance of an interview continuing. Courtney Lee and his teammates, Avery Bradley and Jeff Green, sideswipe Kevin Garnett during a sideline interview. Lee dons a towel as a makeshift mask (presumably to disguise his identity) and sidles into the shot before ducking out, as Green tells the reporter that Garnett “looked awesome, like he was 21 again.” There was no coming back from this team effort: that’s the perfect videobomb.

4. Mickaël Piétrus
Baauer had the Harlem Shake, Miley had twerking and Mickaël Piétrus had… whatever this is. The Raptors small forward and shooting guard busted a move behind NBA TV reporters. Now, most players throw it down for a few seconds and scoot. Not Piétrus. He kept up his funky dance for over 25 seconds—possibly much longer, but the clip ends. It included voguing, sashaying and pumping. Maybe he chose the wrong profession?

 5. Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan’s videobomb from a few days ago represents a classic return to form, a traditional take on the art of videobombing. Such grace. Such elegance. Such nonchalance. No acrobatics here, Duncan simply throws a bit of side shade at his former teammate, Sean Elliott, and a pair of trunks to top it off. Why so serious, Elliott? 


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