Tinder: Romance in Your Pocket

It always gets harder to meet people once you’ve finished school. Playing ball every week helps a bit, because you never know the kinds of people you meet at a 2 a.m. camp out for new Jordans, but the fact remains, that as busy as life gets, those aren’t really options for a way to meet someone special.

Tinder is an App that’s supposed to help you find that someone special. Or that one night stand, if that is your kind of thing. Putting your interests, age and photo into the app, Tinder will connect you with random people in your area who share your interests, much like any dating site. But the twist is that Tinder will also actively search for potential dates nearby. When you pass by someone whose interests match with yours, Tinder adds their profile to a queue (so you can meet that girl next door, literally).

Once you’re in Tinder, you can look at the people Tinder has matched you with in a list that appears much like a stack of card. Swipe left for not interested, right for interested. If both of you swipe yes, Tinder will let you message on another. From there, it’s on you to see if the two of you are the kind of people who would be interested in spending some time together.



And by spending time together, we mean time together alone. At your place. In bed. Because really, nobody’s on here looking for full-fledged relationships. Although it started innocently, Tinder has been popularized as a tool for casual hookups more than for anything else. Think of it as a mainstream version of Grindr, the gay sex cruising app (although Tinder does not discriminate on that front, either). That doesn’t make it a bad thing. However, don’t go thinking you’ll meet your new best friend through a chance encounter through it.

Tinder’s great for a lot of things. It’s great for finding randoms for casual sex, but it’s also a great way to find people to chat to about random interests. You know: friends. It’s in no way a replacement for real life, or the fun feeling you get when you meet someone at the bus stop who shares your interests, but it will do. Sometimes it’s just fun to chat with strangers if you’re in that kind of mood.



However, there are a few ground rules for setting up a Tinder. Don’t use shots of your muscles, or your genitals for your profile. These won’t get you the attention you’re hoping for, trust us. Don’t use pictures of you leaning against your car, or you with your parents. Do use pictures of you playing with a dog. Everyone loves dogs. That’s pretty much it. (Okay, regular photos of you looking handsome work, too).

You can also expect a lot of weird stuff to go down. As with any app that connects people on the internet, practicing safe meeting habits will go a long way. Not that most people on there are dangerous, but some individuals can be downright weird.

So is Tinder worth a download? It’s free, and it’s easy to use. And there’s the huge bonus of knowing that the people who you’re messaging are at least a little interested in you, unlike many dating sites which effectively work like a dart board. It is definitely worth a download, kind of a lower-maintenance version of OKCupid that you can goof around with anytime you’re bored. And who knows: maybe you’ll get lucky.

Tinder is available for iOS and Android.


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