You Are How You Write

It used to be that writing, and writing well, was an attribute considered a part of good manners and a mark of a man of means. While chivalry is disappearing along with a lot of that old way of thinking, having the right writing instrument remains a sign of power, class and status—you don’t think LeBron signs his contracts with a Bic, do you? Along with looking great, modern takes on the luxury pen blend classic methods such as ink pots with the newest technology, metals and design to create final products that you would be proud to have on your desk, let alone whip out when you’re closing a big deal. Here are some of the most impressive pens you can get your hands on.

For the man who cuts the cheques: Mont Blanc Starwalker Carbon Fountain Pen
Mont Blanc’s writing instruments are the benchmark for all other luxury pens, and include the famous Meisterstuck (“masterpiece”) series. The Starwalker Carbon here uses ultramodern anthracite carbon fibre material, weaving together thousands of threads for both a unique geometric pattern styling on the barrel and a lightweight feel. The cap and fittings are made of contrasting polished platinum, and it can be fitted with fine or medium 14-karat rhodium-plated nibs—the ink-dispensing point of a fountain pen—depending on how bold you prefer your signature. Each pen comes with an individual serial number ($1,035, Mont Blanc).


For the renaissance man: The Apollo Technical Pen

If your expertise spans numerous subjects, your pen should keep up with you. Designed as an answer for architects whose projects require various ink colours, ink types and line weights, the Apollo Technical pen works with more than 50 types of refills that can transform it into a pen for daily writing, drawing, or even for tablet use as needed. Machined from stainless steel and aerospace-grade titanium, it will also retain the good looks of its unique and simple hexagonal design for ages. Even its high-tech storage case is useful, doubling as a first-of-its-kind “tri-scale” drafting tool milled out of a single block of aircraft-grade aluminum. Production on this pen—funded by a Kickstarter project—is starting soon, and it will come in black, brass and silver ($59, Apollo Pens). 

For the minimalist: Minimalux Ballpoint Pen
If you prefer to keep your choices as simple as possible, you can’t go wrong with a pen milled from a single fluid sleeves of lasting solid brass. Everything in Minimalux of London’s beautiful ballpoint pen design speaks to its stripped-down, less-is-more approach. It has a perfect weight and balance, generating a smooth, fluid script with minimal pressure. It is also completely unplated or lacquered, which means that your personal touch will soon be seen on its surface as the brass metal reacts to your hands and a patina forms ($135.93, Minimalux). 


For the coffee shop writer: Parker Pens Urban Fountain Pen
Writers know that having the right place to unleash their creativity is just as important as having something to say, which is why the Urban Premium fountain pen in ebony black is a great choice for the guy on the go. Sporting a no-spill, flexible Parker 5TH nib, messes will be kept to a minimum and people’s focus kept on the pen’s chrome trim and the lacquered barrel’s asymmetrical, ergonomic chiseled pattern. The cap is weighted with heavy brass, so you know what you’re holding is something special ($100, Parker Pen).


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