The Craziest Posterizer Dunks of 2013


Looking back on this year, we realize the most memorable moments in basketball aren’t the ones you have in your head, they’re the ones you have on your wall. Here are five of this year’s most humiliating posterizer dunks, ready to be printed, cut and framed.

LeBron James’ ‘rocket fuel’ dunk ends Paul Millsap
James is the Heat’s most entertaining player when it comes to snapshot-worthy dunks, so much so that we’re convinced he’s the reason they even added the posterizer signature skill unlockable in NBA2K14. Spreading his own brand of holiday cheer last Friday, the guy trounced Paul Millsap during the Heat’s game against Atlanta, effectively marking the end for the Hawks and the beginning of a run that would end in a 121-119 victory for Miami. The thunderous dunk came with just 14 seconds left in the game, following a speedy drive past Al Horford. Just because Millsap probably saw it coming doesn’t seem to make it any easier for him to believe what just happened.

DeAndre Jordan says goodnight to Brandon Knight
This is the dunk that put 2013 to bed happened in March, no question about it. DeAndre Jordan approaches the net with calm, singular purpose while the Clippers’ Chris Paul lobs him a quick pass over the heads of the Pistons’ defenders. And then it happens. Chaos breaks loose. The left-handed Jordan rises above the head of Brandon Knight like a predator, laying down a monster dunk with his off hand that could drive nails into concrete, catching Knight in the crossfire. Then, almost casually, he proceeds off the court, carefully stepping around Knight’s stunned body. Ouch.

DeMar DeRozan gives Raps fans something to remember
The Raptors don’t have too much to cheer for these days, but this dunk from February gave their fans something to smile about for the rest of the year. Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan, who recently narrowly missed being traded from the roster in lieu of Rudy Gay, launched himself over the brave interior defence Timofey Mozgov manage to muster when faced with 6’7” of angry Compton native heading his way. The high-flying one-handed dunk saw DeRozan practically wrapped around Mozgov, who only managed a few stunned steps afterward to collect himself.

LeBron James and company toy with Jason Terry
Well, there’s a reason LeBron James is known as one of the top posterizers in the league, so here’s another one from the superstar. In March, the Heat had the Celtics so crippled on defence that by the time the gears were in motion to set LeBron up with this alley-oop dunk, only one man was in between the Heat and their goal of utterly humiliating their opponents: at 6’2”, the unfortunate Celtics guard, Jason Terry. The Heat toyed with him a bit with two almost-casual passes, before James came in for the kill shot.


Will Barton’s two-handed classic over Thabo Sefolosha
A two-handed monster jam can offer so much a one-handed spike cannot. For one, it’s a classic return to an art form that includes some of the most classic dunks in history, but it also offers power and a resounding sense of finality. Back in April, it’s with this sense of finality that Portland’s bencher Will Barton slams this surprising two-hander over the head of Thunder shooting guard Thabo Sefolosha, despite taking a good-sized hit to the face in the process and just coming off an injury.


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