The Ultimate Gym Bag


After pouring off sweat for an hour during your morning workout, you face a new challenge more monumental than benching another 30 pounds: getting fixed up and ready for work. Jon Koidis, Canada’s grooming pro over at Porter Novelli, helped us put together the ultimate gym bag for the guy who likes to get a few reps in every morning, but wants to keep up his A-game at the office—it’s got everything you need, from great scents to tools to battle that 5 a.m. shadow. The best part? You can grab all of these athlete-oriented grooming products for just over $50. You’re welcome.


Up top
This isn’t your dad’s shampoo—or at least, it won’t smell like it. “For men who are looking to ditch the dirt, fight flakes and still smell handsome, Head & Shoulders has taken its popular shampoo and combined it with Old Spice, to give guys everywhere a double dose of confidence,” says Koidis. We can’t tell you what swagger smells like, but if we could, it would smell like this.


Leave this in your locker…

All shower room bar soap jokes aside, grabbing a six-pack of the kind that won’t dry out your skin in cold weather is one of the best moves you can make, especially if it means you don’t have to carry it with you every gym visit. Old Spice Swagger bar soap uses ingredients sourced from palm oil, which has been used on skin for centuries thanks to its high vitamin A and E content—you know, the ones that keep your skin nice and soft. And the fragrance? It’s of the “high-five your boss as you stroll into the office late post-lift” variety, says Koidis.

… or carry this in your bag
If you don’t rent a locker or just want to keep your soap on hand in case you reschedule your trip for the evening, grabbing a body wash is also a great option. The Old Spice Red Zone Swagger body wash will keep you smelling great for eight hours, which leaves you plenty of smell-free time for work.


Making scents
No matter if you usually reach for an anti-perspirant or just a regular deodorant, these from the Red Zone line are like sticks of “concentrated confidence,” says Koidis. And let’s face it, we don’t always have time for a cool down, and you need the be confident that you won’t have sweat stains on your shirt by the time you arrive at the office. Added bonus: having a stick in your gym bag at all times means you’ll have access to it in case an unexpected meeting comes up, whether it’s with the visiting CEO, or the office cutie after-hours.


The finer details
If your morning routine is like ours, you crawl out of bed and straight to the gym—why clean up if you’re just going to sweat in half an hour? However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of that jungle situation on your face when all is said and done. “While you should feel the burn following a solid workout, you should not have to experience razor burn post-shave,” says Koidis. That’s why the Gilette Fusion ProGlide SilverTouch has finer, thinner blades and is a dermatologist-recommended shaving solution for those with sensitive skin. And if you want to hone in on the finer details of your facial hair, grab a Gillette Fusion ProGlide SilverTouch Braun cruZer6 high definition trimmer as a backup.


The bag
It’s the gym bag that isn’t really a gym bag, because it fits practically anything you’ll need for a trip to the gym or a trip upstate. Herschel’s Novel Duffle features a stylish woodland camo print adorning the company’s super tough, canvas-like cotton-poly fabric. It’s also got space for all of your stuff (basketball included), and even has a fully-lined compartment to give your favourite sneaks the VIP treatment, so you’ll never be the schlub with a mesh backpack at the gym again ($79.99, Herschel). 


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