9 Funny Ways NBA Players Acted Like Kids


NBA players are serious professionals—well, most of the time. The other half of their lives are devoted to being just like us, and that includes letting their guards down and enjoying some well-deserved fun time. Sure, many of them have only been adults for less than a decade, but here are nine instances of NBA players messing around and showing off their toys like the big kids they are.

Say hello to Royce White’s little friends. He has nine and 10-year-old younger siblings, which make for an awesome excuse if he ever feels like busting a cap Nerf style. Here, White displays a massive cache of foam dart-based weaponry big enough to level all the neighbourhood kids in an epic battle royale.

A widely-held belief from childhood dictates that chocolate milk tastes extra good when sipped through a crazy straw. If that rule still holds true as an adult, Lavoy Allen’s glass of water must taste like mango nectar.

Metta World Peace has a fondness for children, not limited to his authoring a collection of bedtime stories. However, he also appeared on Yo Gabba Gabba, a young kids’ TV show, to participate in its own version of the Olympic games. Surprisingly, the baller formerly known as Ron Artest beat out Mrs. Fox and whatever that blue thing was.

Much to the envy of elementary schoolers everywhere, Greg Stiemsma doesn’t have to spit his gum out unless he’s on the court. He’s often seen on courtside blowing a massive bubble, spurring lively social media discussions as to whether or not the latest one was his largest yet.

Terrence Ross, like many NBA players, is a well-known gamer, and probably remembers what it feels like to have had his parents put the kibosh on that new Super Nintendo system back in the day. Now, he’s all grown up and copping an Xbox One right when it releases. Best part? No bed time.

Fulfilling many a child’s fantasy, Isaiah Canaan tweeted that he was going to eat candy until he fell asleep, presumably because adults are allowed and no one can stop him. No word on what kind of a pre-game snack gummy Lifesavers make.

If you grew up with efficient parents, chances are you may have taken a bath with your siblings. It happens, and you learned to make the most of it by bugging the hell out of them all the while. However, continuing to annoy your brothers in arms as an adult, like Tobias Harris does, is nothing short of hilarious.

Nicolas Batum does what every sane adult should do after they have a steady career and loads of cash: visit Disney’s theme park. Here’s him mugging at the camera and getting ready to ride a roller coaster with his crew in tow.

Remember begging your mom to buy you some “sweet pegs” for your bike so you could transport your best bud around the neighbourhood? Danilo Gallinari does, and here’s him taking a spin around Aspen on a bicycle doing just that.


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