How To Make Your Own Basketball GIFs

By now, you’ve probably seen one of these omnipresent, repeating video clips taking over your Twitter feed or all over /R/NBA. The humble GIF is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to share funny and awesome sports moments over the internet, having been popularized by websites such as BuzzFeed and Deadspin. You may even have wondered how to make them yourself.
If a shaky Vine or Instagram video taken with your smartphone doesn’t quite do it for you, the other longstanding alternative has been building yourself a Minority Report-esque bank of computers to record and produce them. However, with the release of the newly-updated Yahoo! Sports app, making GIFs is a much easier affair. 

The app now sports the new “Loops” functionality, offering iOS 7 fans a fairly powerful editor they can use to create GIFs from game highlights available on Yahoo. Note that the feature is not available on the iPad, for whatever reason.

To start, navigate to the NBA tab in the drop-down list located in the upper-left corner, if you’re not already in it. Stick around on the scores tab that pops up, and choose the game from which you’d like to make your GIF using the date slider at the top. We chose January 18 so we could relive Paul George’s epic 360 dunk from last weekend—who wouldn’t want to do that?

Once you’re in the game’s newsfeed area, tap the Loops tab just under the right side of the scoreboard. This will give you a list of that game’s top-ranked, user-made GIFs, but what you’re looking for is the blue plus sign at the bottom, which gives you access to the editor.

You can then use the slider to navigate to a specific time frame within the game, or choose “jump to play” to select the instance you want to capture from a list. Once that’s selected, you are free to adjust the length of your GIF by moving the video’s in and out markers.

After the length’s right, you’ll also be given the option to add effects, such as slow motion, strobing freeze frames and (of course) completely inane text bubbles. The final product will be uploaded to Yahoos sports service, where you can share it via various social media platforms. However, it should be noted that you will not be able to download your resulting masterpiece, only embed or link to it. 


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