Make Every Shot Count With ShotTracker

In the increasingly quantified world of sports, only basketball has lingered without a raft of high-tech gadgets that help players collect statistics about their performance. Sure, we’ve recently added an electronics-filled basketball to the list, but it’s not been until ShotTracker that the whole operation has been scalable from an individual user on up to a whole team.

ShotTracker uses a three-component system to essentially measure everything related to your shots—attempts, misses, makes—as well as positional information that gives you feedback similar to what one would expect from SportVU Lite. Included in a set is a net sensor that draws info from the basket, a sensor that fits on your arm in a compression sleeve or on a wrist strap and a companion app for mobile devices. The sensors use low-energy BlueTooth to transmit information collected with their accelerometers to your choice of iOS or Android device.

Importantly, the net sensor only needs to be installed once, as it’s completely weather resistant, and even if you’re bugged by sleeves on jerseys, the wrist sensor only weighs in at a barely-noticeable 0.4 ounces.

You just slip it onto your shooting arm, or wear two if you shoot with either one. It also detects dunks, floating shots and (specifically) over-hand lay-ups, all the while ignoring pump fakes and shot blocks, meaning it’s actually robust enough to work during games and scrimmages.

The tracking technology was created with fun in mind, but also includes enough functionality for players who are serious about upping their game. For example, leaderboards can keep you motivated to get better, drills allow you to do some repetitive shooting and you can even challenge friends to shooting games online. For those more technically-inclined, it also generates stats based on hot zones around the court so you know exactly what part of your game needs tightening up.

Again, this is a fully scalable experience. The gadget comes in packs of one, three and 12 wrist sensors (you only need one sensor per basket) so a whole team can play together, allowing users to draw comparisons between allied players for accuracy, as well as devotion measured in terms of hours practiced. In all likelihood, this or a similar device will soon become a standard for amateur teams.

ShotTracker is expected to be in players’ hands by this summer, according to the company’s website.


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