The Funniest NBA Parody Twitter Accounts


The NBA and its major players can seem fairly serious online, posting comments ranging from inspirational to offensive enough to merit heavy fines and public outcry. There is, however, a much lighter side to the league’s social media presence. Parody accounts have been providing colour commentary and referential humour for years now. Here are some of the best, both new and old, in the world of faking professional athlete’s public thoughts.


7,000+ followers
As if Kevin Durant’s life weren’t gripping enough, this parody account gives us the behind-the-scenes scoop on the OKC forward from the perspective of his backpack. When it’s not dishing out secrets and sticking up for Russell Westbrook, KD’s bag sticks to commentary about various players.


7,900+ followers
One of the best and original parody accounts, Fake Prokhorov satirizes the Brooklyn Nets’ eccentric and super-rich coach. With tweets in broken English, this handle gets into the real meat of Prokhorov’s personal life talking marriage (“is such paralyze fear for me”), his basketball skills (“Welcome to the club, Jr. Smith. I also have once 17 threes in one night.”) and sportsmanship (“Whether win or lose, is good for players leave such place as Cleveland.”), among other things.


30,000+ followers
This Twitter handle following an emotionally unstable doppelgänger of the Miami Heat’s power forward, Chris Bosh. The rants (best read aloud at a screeching pitch of desperate loneliness) allude to the incessant bullying of “meanies” such as LeBron James and random internet denizens. The newest addition? Comics.


29,800+ followers 
Despite throwing in the towel back in 2011, LeBron James’ Ego remains an archive of some of the best material in NBA parody to this day. Written exclusively in the voice of the Miami Heat forward’s relentless narcissism — that is to say, in all caps — before going dark, the handle made fun of Chris Bosh (surprise!), played up James’ GOAT status and popularized hashtags such as #LEBRONSILK, referring to how luxurious LeBron’s skin feels. Seriously.


12,200+ followers

Former NBA player and master of internal rhyme Walt Frazier has his own parody account, largely devoted to tweetin’ and givin’ players a beatin’. Okay, that was terrible, but the amount of hilarity that comes from this constant stream of irreverence is staggering, and generally to-the-second.

40,000+ followers

You don’t get to be The Great One without attracting a few parody accounts. This particular account has launched to popularity with it’s strangely deep, thoughtful tweets. Have you ever wondered why there aren’t more types of cider than just apple? He has.

47,500+ followers
Loaded with cheap digs at the former Rockets power forward (that DUI doesn’t get old, apparently), Not Chuck Barkley provides a daily dose of snark aimed at current players. Like Walt Frazier’s fake eponymous account, this one delivers daily, to-the-second jokes in the voice of a disgruntled ex-baller watching actual players take to the court day after day. Oh wait, that’s the real Charles Barkley, who’s only ahead 20,000 followers.


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