3 Things Nick Young and Iggy Azalea Can Teach Us About New Relationships

If Nick Young and Iggy Azalea’s hot GQ photo shoot is any indication, the somewhat mysterious relationship between the LA Lakers swingman and the Australian rapper is stronger than ever. What’s the secret behind those longing gazes? Well, the duo have dropped a few hints over the years leading up to the men’s magazine’s March spread. We did a little digging to find three lessons that can serve you well when you’re just starting to date somebody new, courtesy of our new favourite celebrity couple.
Photo: Iggy Azalea/Instagram

You have to make a move
As Michael Jordan’s famous saying goes, “You miss every shot you don’t take.” Swaggy P had been scoping out Azalea for months before asking her out, according to TMZ. The difference between some luckless shmuck and Young? Young actually pulled the trigger. Young tweeted (somewhat passively) that Azalea was his Woman Crush Wednesday (or #WCW). She picked up on it, and tweeted him back. Just remember, it worked for Young because he’s famous—you’ll risk treading into creepy territory if you don’t know one another and you’re still knocking down her Facebook wall. You should probably ask her out in person, besides. Oh, and the pretty ones? They’re intimidating, meaning that girls like Iggy don’t get asked out often—something she complains about in this interview with Paper Mag. Hint: be the guy that stands out.

Don’t feel pressured to change (completely)
We all know how it feels when you want to impress somebody new, especially if you want to keep them around. But despite what your brain is telling you, you don’t have to change yourself to become a 100 per cent match—Iggy didn’t. In an interview with WiLD 94.9, she confessed that she had never really cared about basketball until she met Young, and even then, she didn’t become some sort of superfan. “I hate when girls become their boyfriends, it really annoys me,” she said. “So I can’t sit here and pretend I like basketball but I didn’t.” That doesn’t mean she completely shut down the possibility, however. She has since become enough of a fan to share an interest in her boyfriend’s career and team.

When the time comes, show it off
New relationships always start with a period of uncertainty, culminating in the dreaded, “What are we?” conversation. However, once that’s mutually agreed upon, introducing her as your friend at parties no longer cuts it. Feel it out depending on her personality, but you shouldn’t keep your relationship a secret once it’s official. Both sides of the partnership need to feel like their investment was worth something—and, despite sounding a little shallow, it’s actually a very important part of the mating ritual to have your relationship acknowledged by one’s peers. Meeting each others’ friends is a great start, unless a Versace-draped photoshoot is more your bag. 


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