New Fitness Gadgets That Actually Make You Healthier

Fitness is experiencing a revolution of sorts, with loads of gadgets dropping every day promising to track heart rate, sleep patterns, miles run, weight lifted, 3-pointers scored and more. While they’re great for some exercise buffs, many stop there: they don’t actually do anything, and the data is useless unless you know what to do with it. Here are some new fitness gadgets that are designed to give you a real workout, or at least be an active partner in making your life a healthier one by going beyond being a glorified journal.

FitBug KiK
While some gadgets track your workout like a silent gym partner, FitBug can put you through an actual regimen with its newly-released built-in coach. The micro-sized Orb, Air and Go trackers from FitBug already document your sleep, meals and activities, outputting them to a companion app accessible from your computer or mobile device. The kicker is that they now come armed with KiK, a feature that allows users to download various personalized, 12-week fitness regimens to reach specific weight or activity goals. Along the way, your custom KiK Plan will give you feedback on how many calories you should aim to eat, tell you how active to be and even give you a virtual thumbs up when you’re doing well.


Push Band
Yes, it’s a band that, much like the Atlas fitband, measures every exercise you can hope to do in a gym. Where it differs from Atlas, however, is that it goes one step further by giving you direct feedback on how to use those sometimes-overwhelming metrics. The companion app lets you choose a specific fitness goal, helps you plan a workout to reach it (including number of sets and reps) and tells you how to adjust your exercises depending on whether you should be lifting more or less—not unlike a good gym partner. Born in Toronto, another way Push one-ups simple repetition counters is by measuring your physical strength using its algorithms, easily and accurately calculating figures such as your one-rep maximum loadout so you can stay injury-free. Despite its planning features, Push’s experience can also be taken off the rails in a free-mode workout.


Tao WellShell
It’s not easy to cram an actual piece of workout equipment into a package small enough to still call a gadget, so in that sense the Tao WellShell is a bit of a rarity. The pocket-sized digital device aims to give you a workout at your desk or in rush hour traffic using isometric strength training—the principle behind yoga and pilates, which force you to hold poses to build muscle. You exercise with it by squeezing and releasing it between your hands, arms or legs, helping you tone up and improve circulation among other benefits. Sensors embedded in the device tell you how long to hold each pose and how much strength to apply. When you’re not squeezing the device, the WellShell also tracks the basics, including miles walked, steps taken and heart rate.


Lumo Lift
This device doesn’t give you much of a workout, but its simple benefits are far-reaching. Lumo Lift is the first device to actively measure your posture. When it senses that your back or neck are out of alignment (which happens more often than you think sitting in front of a computer), Lift gives you a gentle vibration to nudge you back into shape. It might sound a little trivial, but good posture is linked to better circulation, mood and confidence.


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