The Best And Worst Of The 2014 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game


The 2014 Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game has been one of the most entertaining celeb mashups to date, with the East winning 60-56. Although there was a good amount of fumbling and plenty of cringe-worthy missed plays, “coaches” Bill Simmons of Grantland (West) and former pro baller Jalen Rose (East) ensured their teams played hard. Here are the players who put on the best show, plus some funny moments we couldn’t pass up.

The Best


Photo: Still image from stream

MVP Arne Duncan

U.S. Secretary of Education by day, celebrity game record-breaker by night. Arne Duncan—a former Harvard basketball player—led his band of misfits to a 60-56 win over the West, throwing down a celeb game scoring record of 20 points, plus 11 rebounds, eight field goals and six assists. Initially, comedian and actor Kevin Hart (team captain of the West) was fan-voted Most Valuable Player for the third time in a row. Instead, Hart handed the honour to Duncan. Duncan started the night off with an early offensive rebound, and ended it with a no-look pass to Notre Dame all-time scoring leader Skylar Diggins, who herself contributed 16 points. Another memorable moment came when Duncan pulled off a clutch jumper from the top of the key late into the third.
Photo: Still image from stream

Skylar Diggins
One of three women repping the WNBA during the celebrity match, Skylar Diggins easily had the greatest impact on the game. Again, with 16 points, she was no slouch, taking every pass like a the pro she is (but only making time for one assist). Diggins made an impressive partner of Arne Duncan, of course leading to our favourite play of the night—his over-the-shoulder, no-look pass, which saw Diggins take one for the team in the follow-through. She received 37 minutes, which some say may have been squandered by Simmons. According to the Twitterverse, she earned the MVP.


Snoop Lion AKA Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg earns a spot for his hustle. Playing for the West, former Dogg and resident rapper Snoop Lion drained a 3-point shot with apparent nonchalance—blowing the flames out in the follow-through. Out in the wing, Snoop received control of the ball midway through the fourth, his shot earning the West a two-point lead at the time. Snoop got the game off to an entertaining start. Kevin Hart came in with the assist, schooling the ever-present Arne Duncan and passing to Snoop less than three minutes into the game. This enabled him to make an easy lay-up. In the second half, Snoop showed even more hustle after he missed a shot from outside the paint, only to take his own rebound and score. Frankly, we’re surprised Snoop has the motivation.

The Worst

Photo: Still image from stream 

Harry the Hawk eats Kevin Hart
With Kevin Hart’s West up 31-23, the foul fowl decided to even the playing field, so to speak. Atlanta Hawks mascot Harry the Hawk left his roost in Philips Arena long enough to take a bite of the comic actor. In good spirits, Hart played along and mugged hilariously. Harry could also have been seeking retribution for the loud-mouthed player’s earlier tech foul, which builds on yet another tech and ejection he earned back in 2012. The guy may be small, but he’s got a big mouth.


Wale brings his D-game
“Even if I didn’t, I would ball like Arenas — swish.”

These are the boisterous words of rapper Wale in his song, “Pretty Girls.” If only he didn’t drop the ball as hard as he drops a beat. The 2013 Grammy nominee put up a cringe-worthy performance for the East, playing more like a quarterback than a baller and chucking shots too strongly at nearly every try. His ball handling was also all over the place. Statistics aren’t available yet, but we’re guessing his missed shot attempts are up there.


The NBA’s live shot charts
In a bit of what must have been self-deprecating humour, the NBA tracked not only the stats of each celebrity player (no doubt using the league’s new electronic tracking system, SportVU), but they also provided to-the-second shot charts for what we can only assume was a good laugh. In case you were wondering, this is Snoop Lion’s shot chart. Again, it’s the hustle that counts, right?


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