Apartment Upgrades That Will Improve Your Love Life


First impressions are only as strong as where they end you up, meaning that even if your apartment lacks stacks of pizza boxes and video game paraphernalia, there are a few things you can do to improve its appeal to the fairer sex. Here’s how to turn your bachelor pad into a place she’ll enjoy visiting.

Photo: Julian Fichtl/Creative Commons

The bedroom
Streamline your bedroom so that it features only one thing: your bed, and that means getting rid of that IKEA desk. Keeping your workspace separate from your sleeping area does wonders for the quality of your rest, but there’s also a lot that can be said for a room without a chair to sit in—it leaves few options. Ditch sheets for a European-style duvet and, even on laundry day, make sure there are always fresh covers on it (this may mean you’ll have to buy extras—do it). You never know who might come by spur of the moment, so you’ll want to be prepared. A more expensive upgrade includes upsizing your bed to a queen or a king-sized mattress, for obvious reasons.

Photo: Jeremy Levine Design/Creative Commons 

The living room
It may sound antiquated, but showing off your sensitive side can make you seem more appealing. Keeping family photos displayed in your living room shows that you’re a relatable guy who cares about his family, and it also showcases some of the cool places you’ve been. Looking around the room, you may start to think that your massive flat-screen is a trump card, providing a convenient and innocuous reason to share the couch. However, it’s much easier to get to know one another if you have a killer sound system, and especially a burgeoning record collection that shows off your personality and taste.

Photo: Charlotte Holmes/Rogue Designs/Creative Commons 

The bathroom

Using it is still one of the most common excuses to come up, so make sure you polish up your washroom. A dirty bathroom is considered a deal-breaker by more than half of women, but fortunately it’s also the quickest and easiest upgrade. If you’re in a rush, at least run over the most obvious offenders before you head out into the night: scrub the toilet bowl and Windex the mirrors. To keep things clean, you can invest a few dollars into an automatic toilet cleaner that drops into the commode, plus a Clorox Wipes dispenser for the lighter messes. A Swiffer to pick up any errant hairs, which are a particular turn-off.
Photo: Britt Reints/Creative Commons 

The kitchen
Two things sell real estate: bathrooms and kitchens. As in the former, prioritize, prioritize, prioritize when it comes to cleaning your cooking space. Stacks of dishes simply aren’t that sexy, nor is a grease-splattered stove. However, more long-term fixes include buying inexpensive wire shelving units—not unlike those you’ll find in the back of restaurants—to reduce clutter and store appliances you’re not using (one of the main reasons kitchens looks so untidy). Another dramatic upgrade include a magnetic knife strip and a hanging pot rack. Combined, they free up a lot of counter space, leaving you plenty of room to impress her with your cooking skills.

Photo: Jake Liefer/Creative Commons 

The roommate
Although your date may be interested enough to come up, sometimes any problems that arise will have nothing to do with you and everything to do with your rude roommate (or six roommates, for that matter). For one, nothing ruins a great date quite like coming home to your roomie chugging beers, so keeping the right company may improve your chances. If there’s no possibility of switching it up anytime soon, you can always use the tried-and-true method of creatively making sure he’s elsewhere around the time your date ends.


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