The 2013-14 Season’s Biggest Fashion Fails


There’s no denying that NBA players are now at the forefront of menswear. However, some athletes take their responsibility as cultural influencers too lightly, while others push the envelope too far. Here are our favourite fashion fails from this season thus far, including outrageous onesies and a foiled foray into normcore.


Photo: Indiana Pacers/Twitter

Paul George
Although Paul George does earn style points for pushing the boundaries of menswear at the NBA, he has had more than his share of misses. This outfit he debuted at All-Star weekend takes the cake. We can’t decide whether he’s going for gothic marching band conductor or matador, but we’re leaning toward bull tamer thanks to that headphone cord slash whip he’s holding.


James Harden
We love James Harden’s steez, but maybe he should stick to florals. Here, we see him attempting to crib Pharrell Williams’ un-cribbable Vivienne Westwood x Arby’s look. It could be worse, though. Harden could have stolen a look made famous by a guy with eight Grammy awards instead of seven. Not pictured: the red cowboy boots he was wearing at the time to blend in with the Houston crowd last week (seriously).

Photo: Donald Sloan/Instagram

Donald Sloan
Look, we tried. No, we really did. Don Sloan took the Wild ’n Out approach to matching his socks to his shoes ahead of the Indiana Pacers’ game last week against the Chicago Bulls, making us instantly assume that texture, colour and good taste are all lost on him. There’s a slim chance we could forgive this, were it not for his socks looking like whatever he wore to gym in 1989 stained with purple Kool-Aid.


Photo: Inside Hoops/Twitter

Russell Westbrook
Good ol’ Russ always seems to get picked on for his fashion sense, and we like sticking up for the underdog, especially in the name of pushing menswear boundaries. This is not one of those times. Back in April (okay, we’re cheating a little bit), Westbrook was seen wearing this outfit incorporating a sleeveless, camouflage-edged tunic and what appears to be a pair of high fashion drop-crotch capri sweats. It’s like he made a checklist of every spring trend and decided, “I’m ready!”


Photo: Chris Paul/Instagram

Chris Paul
The worst part about this is that we know exactly where CP3 was heading. Gingham, check. Tie bar, check. Admittedly nice boots, matching belt, 70s throwback jacket, check, check, check. But put the sloppy tie, untucked shirt and distressed, acid-washed jeans together with lapels large enough to catch rain and it’s a wonder Chris Paul actually posted it to the internet himself. Editor’s note: this image has been photo-manipulated to spare the dignity of an innocent bystander.


Photo: Amar’e Stoudemire/Instagram

Amar’e Stoudemire
Ah, the 80s. Back when men were men and hunted for their clothing. No, wait. This is Amar’e Stoudemire’s impressive getup from this year’s New York Fashion Week. On the plus side, it’s one of the few venues where an all-white onesie and fur boa doesn’t seem out of place. To be fair, fur for men is making a comeback in 2014, but we’re assuming it can be more tastefully done than this. The unrepentant Stoudemire has since made this his Instagram DP.


Photo: Brandon Jennings/Instagram

Brandon Jennings
It appears Brandon Jennings just blue himself. While we can appreciate colour-blocking as much as the next dude, cobalt is best pulled off without the wet look. He did have the wisdom to pull on a pair of Timberlands for a bit of contrast. 


Photo: Mashpee Athletic/Twitter

Walt Frazier
Okay, so picking on the old guard is a little easy, but Michael Jordan’s suits have been conspicuously absent this season. Walt Frazier here picks up the slack wearing a mile-long sportcoat with an untucked silver (seriously?) pocket square. He’s only six-foot-three, so why his tailor cut his jacket to his knees is anybody’s guess.


Photo: NBA Squad/Twitter

Tim Duncan
Shout out to the guys over at NBA Squad for this fine piece of fashion photojournalism. As pointed out by their Twitter handle, the apparent normcore  aficionado may have “made $184 million in his career, but Tim Duncan still dresses like this.” Thank the lord he’s one-strapping it.


Photo: SB Nation/Twitter

Isaiah Thomas
In case it isn’t obvious, this is Isaiah Thomas trying on Shaquille O’Neal’s clothing. 


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