Futuristic Exercise Equipment That Can Improve Your Game


When you think of the future of fitness, it’s easy to look at the recent leaps in technology that have made heartbeat-monitoring, exercise-tracking digital wearables possible. But don’t think that the sports industry has gone gizmo—they’re still making major advances when it comes to gym equipment that can change the way we train for our favourite sports. We found five nextgen takes on home fitness gear that will help you get better at every aspect of basketball.


The compression shirt that doubles as a stamina-boosting tool
This new compression shirt from Titin aims to give athletes the full benefits of a weight vest without any of the bulk factor. The three-part system allows a wearer to load up to eight pounds’ worth of weighted hydro-gel inserts to increase endurance and the effectiveness of almost any workout. The company claims that a warm up with the Titin shirt can boost vertical leap by 13 per cent, endurance by 11 per cent and running speed by three per cent. The inserts can even be iced or warmed up to provide muscle therapy, meaning the system will also help you recover from a particularly brutal workout.


The mask that lets you train like the Denver Nuggets
The Denver Nuggets are one of the few franchises that can truly claim a home court advantage: their city is at an altitude of 5,280 feet, giving them the full benefits of high-altitude training that helps them perform even better at sea level. The Training Mask 2.0 uses an interchangeable valve system to reduce airflow into your lungs and simulate the same effect, helping build up your lung capacity and increase the amount of oxygen that enters your bloodstream. Its silicon design means it won’t get in your way on the court. With continued use, it can build cardiovascular and respiratory stamina to keep you going on the court for extended periods.


The vertical jump training system you can take with you
As useful as Vertimax training may be, not everyone can afford to have one at home, and not every gym has one set up. Enter the Hopz Pro system from SKLZ, specifically made for athletes hoping to increase their explosive leg power. The vertical jump trainer uses a series of foot harnesses, ankle straps and resistance bands to load on more than 80 pounds of resistance—all without the massive platform and crazy pulleys. The whole kit can be rolled up and thrown into a carry bag if you’re on the go or want to take your workout to the park.


The nextgen bungee cord that can get you ripped without weights
Many devices claim to be an all-in-one home gym, but not many deliver. Burto Bungee ffers an advanced resistance band workout that improves explosive strength and power using variable resistance—that is, the more you stretch it, the harder it pulls. Just find an anchor point and you can replace almost any exercise you can think of doing with free weights. It’s safer for your joints and Burto’s two rope types ranging from five to 60 kilograms of force offer a tougher workout than your basic elastic band.


The dexterity-training jump rope that you shouldn’t skip on
The humble jump rope has been a staple of basketball training since the sport’s inception, but there’s always room for improvement—and these are the best of the best. Crossrope has developed its new 2.0 jump rope training system that features interchangeable weighted PVC-coated steel ropes and heavy handles to up the challenge. Ball bearings ensure a smooth swing and maximize upper body strength as you train tempo and dexterity in your feet. Plyometric exercises made possible by the rope also have numerous benefits in basketball, including increasing vertical leap, explosive sprint speed and overall agility.


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