The NBA Guide To Beach Style

With temperatures already hitting the high 80s in parts of the country, the winter thaw is quickly becoming a distant memory, and hitting the beach is next for your weekend plans. But what do you wear? Here are some quick and easy tips for improving your sun-and-surf style, straight from five of the best-dressed players in the NBA.
Photo: Chris Bosh/Instagram

Give your trunks a tropical punch like Chris Bosh
Hawaiian shirts are one of the hottest menswear trends this spring and summer, but if you’re not up for a palm-print shirt, it makes sense to at least carry the look over to your swim trunks. The vibe of this particular style varies, including tropical seascapes a la Chris Bosh here, to wilder, full-on florals that speak to this year’s insatiable appetite for prints at large. You may also want to check out some animal print options.


Photo: Ocean Pacific/YouTube

Tank like Chandler Parsons (but in a good way)
It’s easy to fixate on your trunks, but if you’re complexion is like Chandler Parsons’ or you want to take a timeout at the boardwalk cafe, it’s no shirt, no service. Ditch the ratty old Corona T-shirt and trade it in for a tank top that oozes laid-back West Coast cool. The best part? They look great on practically any body type. Key trends to look out for are sun-faded pastels, printed beach motifs and nautical stripes—but to be fair, you could wear whatever you want and still look boss with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model at your side.


Photo: Bossip

Go basic like Blake Griffin
If prints aren’t your thing, you can always go for a simpler style. Colour-blocked patterns are big for those who want to generate some interest without stealing the show, but if you’re set on a monochromatic look, embrace the wilder side of the season and do as Blake Griffin does: cop something a little flashy, like a pair of neon-coloured trunks. Also, do ignore Griffin’s bro-ccessorizing from the waist up.


Photo: Deandre Jordan/Instagram

Deandre Jordan gives us a lesson on length
Up until recently, longer board shorts were prescribed for those with taller, lankier frames, and shorter trunks for those who need a little less headroom. However, the only rule of thumb that applies today applies to guys over 6’4” as well as those under: keep the length well above your knees. Deandre Jordan, pictured here in Cabo on vacation in February, shows off a perfect length that not only means you’ll get less tan lines, the ladies will appreciate it more.


Photo: Bossip; Yahoo Sports

What not to wear: Dwyane Wade and Amare Stoudemire sink instead of swim
With beach attire, fewer clothes means more can go wrong. In this case, Amare Stoudemire may be repping the home team, but his trunks are obscenely long (and may in fact be basketball shorts). The story doesn’t change much for Dwyane Wade, who appears to be wearing Miami Heat warmups. For guys busy pushing the boundaries of style on land, they’re not quite as snappy dressers by the water. Don’t be these guys. Buy a real swimsuit.


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