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While some teams are in full social media blackout mode thanks to the playoffs, other, less fortunate squads are still as active as ever. Over the weekend, Hollywood’s favourite baller took to Twitter for a quick Q&A session. The LA Lakers’ Nick Young addressed questions from fans for 40 minutes, twice as long as he said he’d be participating. As they say, it’s the little things that matter—here are some bite-sized details you probably didn’t know about Swaggy P until now.


Photo: Lakerholics

Fans look for the naked truth
Back in April, a naked selfie (allegedly portraying Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea’s assets) was making the rounds on the internet. Iggy and Young both came out fairly quickly to confirm it wasn’t them. Nonetheless, a fan needed reassurance. Was it of the couple? “Naw,” tweets Young.

Teaming up with Kobe
Swaggy P has only had good things to say about his trash-talking teammate, Kobe Bryant—if calling him a “good” a–hole counts, anyway. It’s no secret that the 28-year-old newcomer to the Lakers looks up to Bryant as a mentor, regardless of any flack the veteran throws his way. During the Q&A, Young defended his role model when asked if Kobe, in fact, had swag or not: “He’s a legend man of course,” he replied. And will the two become the next duo in basketball? “You never no.”

Talking smack
Nick Young wouldn’t have earned his nickname if he weren’t at least a little cocky. So who would play Swaggy P in a film adaptation of his life? “That’s a good one lol,” tweeted Young. Perhaps one of the most expensive leading men in Hollywood? “Prolly brad Pitt.” Of course.

Young also locked horns with fans claiming he never makes shots in NBA 2K: “I dnt miss on 2k you gotta be shooting wrong.” In fact, he’s so good at shooting, he “might drop 100” baskets in this year’s Drew League, not just 50. But he knows where to draw the line. He doesn’t claim to have the best flow when rapping—that honour goes to girlfriend Iggy Azalea (“She do”).

Where you might bump into him next
If you’ll be in Los Angeles this week, drop by LA Fitness. Nick Young says he’ll be there “sometime this week.” As for off-season vacation plans? He’ll be visiting Paris in the “middle of June.” Book your tickets, folks.

Playing favourites
Favourite Kobes to play basketball in: “prolly the first Nike Kobe’s”
Coke or Pepsi: “Coke”
Playstation or Xbox? “Xbox”
Ferrari or Lamborghini? “Both”
Favourite NFL team? “Chi-Town bears”
Favourite male rapper: “Yeezy”

On his championship chances
#LakersChampions2015? “I can see that”


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