The Best Playoffs T-Shirts

The NBA playoffs have spawned a handful of T-shirt designs worth paying attention to, and some are more than just the generic shooting shirts teams drape over stadium seats. Some shirts are artistic. Some are political. Others are just plain weird. Here are our top five, because sometimes the right T-shirt can express more than words ever can.

Neff x UNK NBA 2014 Playoffs T-shirts collab
The latest news on the fashion front is that Neff Headwear is about to drop a killer collection of playoffs-inspired tees. Neff x UNK takes classic logos and turns them on their heads (sometimes literally) for a unique take on each team currently duking it out for playoff supremacy. Shirts revealed thus far sport re-imagined logos belonging to the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. They’re currently available over at Neff’s webshop.


Kevin Durant gets an MVP surprise from Nike

It came as no surprise when Kevin Durant was selected to take the MVP honour, but Nike still had something up their sleeve to sweeten the moment. In tribute to KD’s career milestone, the sports apparel company whipped up a dope T-shirt for the OKC small forward. The shirt features the letters “MVP” in gold script, punctuated with a glow-in-the-dark thunderbolt on the chest. Other light-up details include the KD and Nike swoosh logos on either sleeve. The shirt was soon followed by the surprise release of NIKEiD shoe designed to mark the occasion.

NBA’s ‘We Are One’ T-shirts
The recent Donald Sterling debacle during playoffs galvanized players and fans from all walks of life against racism. To show its solidarity with them, the league has started marketing its “We Are One” T-shirt to mark the firing of the former LA Clippers owner whose alleged racist remarks caused an uproar across the nation. Featuring the slogan and the Clippers’ team logo, all proceeds are heading straight to benefit anti-discrimination and tolerance organizations.


Photo: Jason Lieser/Twitter/The Palm Beach Post

The Brooklyn Nets’ strange roster T-shirt
This shirt nets the honour of being one of the strangest made to mark a playoffs effort. The Brooklyn Nets started selling tees illustrated with their entire roster ahead of Game 4 against Miami, all with bafflingly-drawn heads. For one, as Deadspin notes, Andrei Kirilenko looks like Martha Stewart, Paul Pierce looks like Harry Potter villain Voldemort and Kevin Garnett appears to be Tyson Beckford’s long-lost twin.


Photo:Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo

The Clippers’ inside-out T-shirts
These T-shirts (complete with a slight modification) are worth a thousand words, and then some. While technically not for sale, these shirts worn by members of the LA Clippers made a political statement when they decided to wear them inside-out to protest their boss’ alleged racist remarks. The move did not go unnoticed, as it sparked massive discussion about the team’s politics. Chris Paul later told a commentator that the intentional wardrobe malfunction was an alternative to walking out on the game altogether.


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