The Coolest Celebrity Selfies Of The Playoffs


They’re just like us, only with front-row seats. Celebrities of both the bandwagon and through-thick-and-thin varieties have been attending games in droves to cheer on their favourite NBA teams. Here are some of these playoffs’ most notable celebrity selfies, and why they’re worth a retweet or two.


Photo: Steve Soboroff/Twitter

Rihanna smashed LA police top dog’s phone
In taking this selfie in the front row of May 9’s LA Clippers game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Rihanna accidentally dropped LA Police Commission President Steve Soboroff’s phone, breaking it. Not one to miss a potential social media moment, Rihanna apologized to Soboroff on Twitter, then donated $25,000 to the LA Police Memorial Foundation. She also signed the selfie phone, which Soboroff put up for auction to further benefit cadets and families of officers KIA. The bidding is up to $60,100 as of press time.


Photo: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Justin Bieber booed by 20,000 NBA fans
A picture is worth a thousand words, but what you can’t hear in Justin Bieber’s Instagram is the sound of 20,000 NBA fans booing him. Perhaps it was a little unfair given that Bieber brought his mom to the LA Clippers and OKC Thunder game on Mother’s Day, but fans booed the mother-son duo every time the cameraman put Justin on the stadium screen. Maybe it has to do with his rampant bandwagonism?


Floyd Mayweather/Shots App

Floyd Mayweather gets photobombed by Caron Butler
There’s no better way to unwind after defending your undefeated world championship title than by relaxing at an LA Clippers game. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, fresh off his win over Marcos Maidana, thought he’d take a quick selfie to commemorate the game. Instead, OKC small forward Caron Butler jumped into the frame with a smile to photobomb him. Of course, Butler would help the Thunder achieve a Game 5 victory (by one point, no less) to clinch the series. Perhaps greatness recognizes greatness.


Photo: Drake/Instagram

Drake becomes an internet meme magnet
The Toronto Raptors global ambassador may not have gotten to celebrate a series one victory over the Brooklyn Nets, but Drake was certainly one of the most entertaining celebs to make it out to a playoffs game. He used his social media game to heckle opposing part-owner and rapper Jay Z, a feud which ended with Hov breaking his months-long social media drought to humbly tweet about his team’s win. Inadvertendly, however, Drake also spawned several memes on the internet when he was caught using a lint roller to clean his pants during Game 2. Bounce and IKEA hopped on the bandwagon to offer Raptors-branded rollers to fans.


Photo: San Antonio Spurs/Twitter

San Antonio Spurs go to the Oscars
Much like Ellen Degeneres super-viral group photo at the Oscars, this selfie of the San Antonio Spurs left no one out. It quickly went viral itself (not quite getting the turnout of DeGeneres’), but it couldn’t have been timed better. The top-seeded team took the picture to celebrate their fans on their Fan Appreciation Night. It must have paid off, because the fans still have something to cheer about after the Spurs’ Game 5 win over the Portland Trail Blazers last night, advancing the team to the conference finals.


Photo: Eric Garcetti/Twitter

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti tweets after the Sterling scandal
In what may be a first as far as elected officials go, City of Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti snapped this panoramic selfie with NBA players in the background as they listened to NBA commissioner Adam Silver deliver his statement regarding the Donald Sterling scandal. Racist remarks by the former Los Angeles Clippers owner prompted the NBA to ban him from the league for life, fine him $2.5 million and force him to abdicate control of his team, all while the Clippers faced OKC in series two.


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