The Final Moments Of Every Game 7

Last weekend, the league played an unprecedented number of Game 7s—but you know that. You were on the edge of your seat as the last few seconds left on the clock counted down the final seconds. You couldn’t look away. In a few cases, the games were already over before the fourth quarter even began. To recap these exciting instants, here are the moments this weekends’ series were decided.

Damian Lillard’s buzzer beater puts the Trail Blazers over Houston, 99-98

In the hottest 0.9 seconds of round 1, Damian Lillard took a wild three-point shot to beat out the Portland Trail Blazers to clinch their first playoff series win in 14 years. The ridiculous game winner was made possible by a clean catch-and-fire by Lillard, with his defender, Chandler Parsons, just steps behind him. Lillard later told NBA TV that the play was made possible by some indecision between Chandler Parsons and Patrick Beverley, who switched defensive assignments moments before.

Brooklyn beats out Raptors by single point, 104-103
In a gut-wrenching loss for fans attending the game in Toronto, it became clear at around 20 seconds left that the series would come down to the last possession. Incredibly, with 6.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Kyle Lowry ended up with the ball in his hands after Terrence Ross executed a steal off the Brooklyn Nets’ Shaun Livingston. After a clean catch, he attempted a mad dash to the basket, dropping and recovering the ball in the process, but was ultimately stopped by a mass of bodies, Kevin Garnett among them.


Warriors break down to let Clippers take the lead, 126-121

In this close game, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul stepped up to take on the Warriors. With two minutes left, Curry took up the lead for his team, but it was taken away with two field goals by Griffin and clinched by Jordan who increased the lead to five points. Despite a last-ditch effort on the Warriors’ part, the game was decided at the free throw line.

Thunder take a long lead over Grizzlies, 120-109
Following an altercation that saw Memphis down Zach Randolph for punching Steven Adams in Game 6, the Grizzlies were overtaken by OKC as early as in the first half, at the end of which Kevin Durant sealed the lead with a three-pointer. Led by Russell Westbrook, who nabbed a triple-double that game, the Thunder forced the Grizzlies into an ultimately-futile smallball routine which threw Oklahoma off—if only for a moment.


Pacers outdo the Hawks, 92-80
By the time the second quarter was over, so was the game. Paul George led the Pacers in gaining a 14-point lead over the Atlanta Hawks by the end of the half. Afterwards, Atlanta struggled for offensive primacy, and its two best shooters—Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap—just couldn’t make it in on their threes.


Spurs take comfortable lead over Mavericks, 119-96
Arguably the least explosive matchup, the Spurs took control early while the Mavericks failed at their offensive plays. San Antonio grabbed an early lead of 12 in the first quarter, which ballooned to 22 points by the end of the half. They held onto the lead for the rest of the game, destroying their opponents with 56 per cent shooting from the field.


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