The Good, The Bad And The ‘WTF Were You Thinking?’


NBA stars pull out all the stops during playoffs, and they take the same approach to their style. For some, this results in brilliant plays—for others, not so much. Here are the best, the worst and the most shocking outfits we bore witness to during round one.

The Good


Blake Griffin
Griffin’s shirt lets us know it’s spring. Military details meet perfect fit and casual wrist game—you’d almost get the impression he prepared for a press meeting that only showed him from the waist up.


Chandler Parsons
Another sign that warm weather is upon us: Parsons ditches the socks and throws on some punches of colour. The sparse cherry blossom print of his shirt is a great way to tone down one of the season’s boldest trends—floral print.


Chris Paul

From the NBA player that brought us collegiate cool, we have lived-in cotton jacket with a buttoned-down check shirt. It doesn’t get cleaner and fresher than Chris Paul here.

Damian Lillard
Lillard has been killing suits as of late, and this sharply tailored, darker-than-navy two-button keeps his record strong. Note the blackened-toe brown dress shoes he’s wearing—if you want the same effect, carefully shine your shoes with black shoe polish until they take on the colour.


Derek Fischer
Fischer is one of the few NBA players that’s a professional through and through—you won’t see him wearing casual outfits when he can blow away his competition with a pin-striped powersuit. Bonus points for the captoe navy brogues.


Jeremy Lin
There’s a classy way to match your shoes and your shirt, and Lin has mastered it. Embracing subtlety with a neutral floral print, he keeps things laid back with what appear to be animal print Vans.


Kevin Durant
If it weren’t KD, we’d say he’s trying too hard. Durant lets his wilder side show with patent leather details, a contrasting breast pocket on his short-sleeved Oxford and slim-fitting camo trousers with elasticated cuffs.


Matt Barnes
Bring on the bold. The tattooed small forward ditches the socks and amps up the saturated colours to make a statement.


Mike Conley
Here, Conley makes great use of negative space with white panels echoing his pants and the soles of his kicks. He also works his layers just right by wearing navy blue beneath his cobal jacket, creating the illusion of depth.


That hair.


Nicolas Batum
Maybe a touch more break in the jeans than we’d prefer, but anybody willing to pull off a blazer with shine is good in our books. Especially one that fits his tall, narrow frame as well as this one.


Omri Casspi
On-point patent leather shoes, just enough break in the pants and slimmed-down pleats that don’t make an NBA player look like a geriatric? The suit easily makes up for the fact that Casspi forgot how to wear a two-button blazer (hint: only do up the top one).


Steph Curry
Team colours and shine. Play on.


Steve Blake
When’s the last time you saw Steve Blake wearing a suit? This pinstriped two-button is a big step for the guy, and he deserves some credit.


Thabo Sefolosha
Anyone can pull of a black blazer and T-shirt, but the real star of this show are Sefolosha’s stack-soled red suede bucks.

The Bad


Andre Roberson
We don’t know what he’s smiling about. While the shirt works for us, boot-cut trousers and moccasin-stitched boots make us wonder.


Blake Griffin
Floral shirt, check. Black and white, check. Pin-slim trousers, check. Beatle boots, check. Griffin is trying so hard to be on-point he’s become a mashup of every top trend this season.


Chandler Parsons

Another victim of paying too much attention to trends. Elasticated cuffs, acid wash trousers, photo print polo.

Dwight Howard
Actually, everything about this is awesome. Trying to play it cool in a three-piece suit while carrying snacks in a Zip-Loc? Not so much.


Elton Brand

A checked blazer by itself isn’t so bad, but pair it with block-toe shoes (were those ever in style?) and you’ll end up looking like a square.

Francisco Garcia
While the rest of the NBA is trying to one-up everyone else in terms of style, Garcia is shown here modeling the latest in business casual attire.


James Harden
This bib-front shirt was actually custom-made to prevent Harden’s beard from chafing against his chest.


Jon Leuer
Leuer is the first NBA player to look and dress like an awkward Michael Cera character. Quick, alert BuzzFeed.


Kendrick Perkins
Taking normcore to the next level.


Kosta Koufos
For most NBA players, finding pants that are long enough is their greatest sartorial battle. Perhaps Koufos can share his tailor.


LaMarcus Aldridge
Know what would really dress up that casual shirt? A shiny pair of pleated suit pants. Aldridge calls it going “half casual.”


Marc Gasol
It’s a little hard to look way. Gasol here wears a shirt a few sizes too large, which alone is stunning given his seven-foot frame, and dress pants that pool around his ankles. At least he got the playoffs beard down.


Robin Lopez

Introducing the lande’s most honourede of minstreles, Robyne of Lopez. 

The WTF?


Andre Iguodala
At first glance, it may appear that Andre’s pulling off a cool-toned monochrome look. Then you notice his snow leopard-print (what?) sweater makes his waistline disappear along with his fashion game.


James Harden
How do you turn an otherwise inconspicuous outfit into a trainwreck? Add a dumb hat.


Mike Conley
Nothing says cool and casual like a red leather jacket and two-strapping it, especially if you’re trying to cop the Human Torch’s steez.


Mike Conley, again

Even we have to admit Conley has a great personal sense of style at times. Then he goes off and wears a wooden hat ahead of a playoffs game.

Russell Westbrook
We love you, Westy. But then you go and take a page out of Conley’s stylebook and wear a leather T-shirt.


Terrence Jones
While we can appreciate Jones’ attempt to cool off his outfit with a pair of slim black trousers, the too-short sweater with—are those leaves?—around the collar is still just too much.


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