How To Date An NBA Cheerleader


During halftime, some of the world’s most beautiful and intimidating women—the NBA cheerleaders—come together to amp up their audience of basketball fans. If you’ve ever thought of dating one, there are a few things you should know. For one, it’s actually a possibility if you have the guts to make it happen. Here’s how you can date a cheerleader, or any high-calibre woman, at that.


Be flexible with scheduling
If you’re hoping to hook up with a cheerleader, be prepared to be on-call and make plans well ahead of time—not to mention be understanding when she has to break them. NBA cheerleaders are required to put in a huge time commitment, from multiple practices a week to pre-game rehearsals that can begin several hours ahead of tipoff. They also have to attend numerous mandatory events outside their home stadium, such as camps and events. Making time can be tough in a relationship with two different schedules, but you can make it happen if you commit to it.

Be prepared to date a career-driven, Type A hustler
Women who cheerlead in the NBA are some of the most determined, hardest-working people out there. Their job requires them to be hustlers always on the lookout for a new project: cheerleaders earn next to nothing from games, but make most of their living charging appearance fees at events. They’re also probably working side jobs as models, fitness instructors and even high-ranking businesswomen. And they like it. If that type of personality puts you off and you can’t put your ego aside, you’re better off looking for another type of girl.

Don’t get too cocky
Trying to date a driven women often tempts guys to overcompensate. Don’t. Cockiness or overconfidence comes off as a major deterrent to women used to competing with diva dancers and dealing with millionaire alpha male athletes on the daily. They can also smell a guy trying to fake it ‘til he makes it from a mile away (part of their job requires acting chops). You’re best served by being your genuine self.

Don’t compare yourself to others
However, you do need a certain amount of self-confidence if you ever hope to go steady with a cheerleader and stay sane. Your beautiful potential girlfriend will constantly be asked out by other men who might be very well-off, handsome, athletic, or gifted in some way you’re not—actors, models and businessmen come to mind. That’s okay. At the end of the day, she’s with you, isn’t she? If you don’t keep your cool, you’ll undermine the trust in your relationship, turning you into a jealous wreck nobody would want to date. Oh, and if it helps, they’re not allowed to fraternize with NBA players, so there’s slightly less competition than you thought.

Stay on the same team
The cardinal rule of dating an NBA cheerleader: never, ever root for the opposing team. Cheerleaders aren’t just pretty ladies who happen to find themselves out on a professional basketball court, they’re superfans of the teams they represent. After all, how else could they hope to incite a stadium full of fans? Why else would they centre their career hopes on a specific franchise? Cheering the other team on is grounds for a breakup in much the same way as her not supporting your career choice would be.


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