The Good, The Bad And The ‘WTF Were You Thinking?’ Part 3


The Finals matchup has been decided, and the San Antonio Spurs are currently playing a rematch against this year’s would be three-peaters, the Miami Heat. With two games down and the series tied, there are a lot more great plays and mistakes left to be made, both on and off the court. In terms of the latter, we’ve picked out the most noteworthy style moments—both good and bad—since the Finals series began. Check them out below.

The Good


Blake Griffin and Chris Paul
Blake Griffin here makes the best of the “cheerleader effect.” While Griffin’s John Varvatos meets Lanvin getup has no clear direction, CP3 kills it with a three-piece suit that includes a double-breasted vest and a spread-collar shirt.


Chris Paul
Even outside a crowd, Paul stands out. This outfit makes heavy use of elasticated cuffs and hems, appearing on his short-sleeved sweater and leather pants.


Photos: Portland Trail Blazers/Twitter

Damian Lillard and Will Barton
Meanwhile in Rip City, The People’s Champ and Damian Lillard and are having a good—no, great—suit day. Lillard reprises his red-on-red look from the All-Star break as Barton sports a classic grey two-button with pleated trousers.



Derek Fisher
He loves that green vest, doesn’t he? For the second time, Derek Fisher breaks out the waistcoat look, this time vibing off the emerald with gold accents—his necktie, pocket square and bronze-burnished Oxfords. A+ for that polished playoffs beard, too.



Lance Stephenson
Don’t let that confused look fool you, Lance knows exactly what he’s doing here. Backpack aside, the printed floral polo and tonally-matched kicks make us feel like he’s taking notes.


Photo: NBA TV/Twitter

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade scrum together

During this press conference during the Eastern Conference Finals, James and Wade fed into each others’ style, creating one of the best-looking scrum matchups we’ve seen to date. James kept things cool with a lion T-shirt and tonal trilby, as Wade repped team colours with an all-red ensemble including a sporty varsity jacket.


LeBron James

Continuing with his apparent recent obsession with nautical themes, LeBron threw together a striped shirt with a cobalt sports coat (check out those peak lapels, with plenty of room for a pin!). That faraway look? He knows this ship has sailed for bluer waters.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James scrum together, again
Another perfect post-game matchup, LeBron and Wade aced the interview with contrasting styles. Wade pulled off a bold geometric sweater, matching LeBron’s classic grey suit. It’s all in the details: an off-white boutonniere here, a high tie clip there.


Photo: NBA/Twitter

Serge Ibaka

His obsession with headgear aside, Serge Ibaka knows how the importance of perfect fit. He stayed laid-back with a pair of washed out olive chinos and a not-too-tight grid print T-shirt.

Steph Curry
It’s not the first time we’ve seen this jacket on Steph, and hopefully it won’t be our last.

The Bad



Danny Green
There’s a reason you always wear your suit pants with their corresponding jacket—everyone can tell the difference. It looks like Green here is trying to pass off a pair of black jeans for something more stylish.


Photo: CJ Fogler/Twitter

Kevin Durant
We loved KD’s MVP outfit. We love him in suits in general. It appears, however, that our champion has decided to pump up his casual game to disastrous levels of “freshness.” This, complete with an actual backwards cap, is the end result.


Photo: NBA/Twitter

Lance Stephenson
We know it gets hot out there, Lance. But when temperatures soar, ending the debate between pants and shorts with a pair of capris never looks cool.


Photo: NBA/Twitter

LeBron James cramps his style
This is what LeBron James wore as he arrived for Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs. We would have cramped up during Game 1 if we wore that T-shirt, too.



LeBron James in black
Is that an iPad mini in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?


Photo: NBA/Twitter

Tim Duncan
Hey, Duncan! Dress your age, okay? Oh.



Paul George and Roy Hibbert take a page out of Tim Duncan’s book
There are plenty of ways in which George and Hibbert should imitate Tim Duncan. His love for sloppy checks is not one of them.


Paul Pierce
Look, we know Brooklyn gets pretty warm this time of year. But if you’re putting on a checked blazer and a shirt, you’re tucking them in and skipping on the white pants.

The WTF?


Photo: NBA TV/Twitter

Chris Paul
CP3 is can get himself into all sorts of trouble with this outfit. Plowing fields, raising barns, macking on plain chicks.


Photo: NBA TV/Twitter

Dwyane Wade’s all-white getup

Layering is big this year, except when it’s not. Dwyane Wade paired up an unstructured cotton blazer with flowing shorts, a plain white tee and, apparently, an entire suit underneath. Worse, he actually showed up to the proceeding press conference wearing this take on “White Heat.”

Dwyane Wade is a robot
The future is now! Although Wade always earns points for impeccable matching, the overall effect of this outfit has us convinced that he’s a time traveling cyborg bent on the destruction of our eyes.

Photo:; Doctor NBA/Twitter

Hasheem Thabeet
Thabeet dresses like your crazy uncle, and he wants hugs, too.


Photo: Don Bleek/Twitter

Russell Westbrook
Surprisingly, Westbrook doesn’t always make this list. But when he does, he’s wearing cutoff jeans, an elongated T-shirt and an admittedly awesome floral print bomber.



Serge Ibaka
Printed blazers are making a bit of splash these days, but we aren’t at the 80s throwback stage of this fashion cycle quite yet, Ibaka.


Photo: Dan McCarney/Twitter

Tim Duncan
The NBA’s grand master of fashion returns with a ground-breaking new look, pushing the very boundaries of dad style with the perfect pair of jean shorts.


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