The Worst Fashion Shoots In Basketball History

NBA style is often hit or miss, but there are moments when ballers can be considered blameless for their sartorial gaffes. Thanks to some overly ambitious designers and terrifyingly inept PR teams, these basketball players were suckered into some of the worst fashion shoots in history.

Timofey Mozgov’s plaid Esquire shoot
Things go a little differently in former NBA player Timofey Mozgov’s Russia. For one, fashion wears you. If Google translate is to be trusted, the idea behind this photo shoot for Esquire Russia‘s June issue was to portray how the bygone New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets centre would wear average-sized shirts on his seven-foot-one frame. The resulting clash of draped plaids is simply bizarre, and not even Mozgov seemed able to muster up any enthusiasm for the checkered curtains he was forced to put on. Roughly translated, the shoot was aptly named “Wrap it up, I forgive you.”


Kobe Bryant’s ‘White Hot’ LA Times photo shoot
In May 2010, LA Times Magazine featured a Q&A with Kobe Bryant and accompanied the article with what is one of the strangest photo shoots we’ve seen thus far. Dubbed “White Hot,” the fashion spread involved Bryant wearing a smattering of all-white designer outfits, each making use of heavy layering and contrasting colours. It sounds good on paper until you realize some of the photos feature Bryant wearing a head wrap and one of the smuggest grins in the league.


Dwyane Wade’s Team USA photo shoot for Vogue
Vogue’s June 2012 spread featured some of America’s greatest athletes ahead of the Olympic games. The women were shown wearing glammed-up dresses as male athletes showed off feats of strength in various states of undress, while other photos in the series made questionable use of the female athletes as props. Which brings us to Dwyane Wade’s photo. As with most Vogue shoots, we’re left asking, why? Why is Wade flying way above his usual 36-inch vertical leap? Why is he shooting if model Karlie Kloss makes the perfect defender? We’ll never know.


Nate Robinson returns from the future as a cyborg
This photoshoot from Taylor’d & Bow features Nate Robinson. Or does it merely feature a life-like robot designed to look like the Denver Nuggets point guard? Although admittedly well-styled, this shoot strays into Blade Runner territory with its copious use of leather and trench coats. Robinson reading GQ’s LeBron cover issue with a look of deep concern plastered on his face looks an awful like he’s thinking Wait, that’s what humans wear?


Chris Bosh’s Maxim video
So that’s what passes for fashion over at lad mags. Maxim shot this embarrassing video of a photo shoot with Chris Bosh back in early 2011. Featured therein are shots of Bosh looking extra fierce in basic polo shirts, throwing awkward gang signs and pretending to eat an apple. He also appears frolicking in what appears to be a children’s wading pool. Did they run out of ideas?


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