We Google NBA Players’ Girlfriends More During Finals

NBA champions have the cars, the clothes and the rings to go with the title, but that’s not the only thing they have that we covet. We pulled up info on our interest in various aspects of NBA players’ love lives, and we found that it correlates fairly strongly to the postseason period. Coincidence? Or is it a sign that we really wish we had that special someone sitting next to us as we spill cheese curls on the couch? Probably the former, but these charts still provide an interesting look at our obsession with strangers’ relationships.

We Google their girls more during Finals
Fans (we’re guessing) searched for info related to NBA WAGs the most in the period between April and June every year, with the highest spike just after finals take place. Most searches were for the terms “lebron girlfriend,” “lebron james girlfriend” and “derrick rose girlfriend.” For wives, people searched “kobe wife,” “lebron wife” with equal top interest, with “chris bosh wife” falling behind behind by a small margin. Surprisingly, although we’d expect most of the search queries to originate in the United States, the good ol’ U S of A was behind the Phillippines by a massive margin. This phenomenon is not limited to the NBA, with raunchy searches increasing in Russia just after their hockey team lost in the NHL Finals.


We care more which NBA players got married or engaged right after Finals
It makes sense that there are two times when NBA players make marriage headlines the most: the first is in February, right around the time of the NBA All-Star break during the regular season. However, NBA players nuptials also tend to get tongues wagging in June, right after Finals come to a close. Sure, June is the most popular month for marriages, but we all remember what Vanessa Bryant once said: no girl’s wants to marry a baller without seeing an engagement—or championship—ring first. Oh, and Basketball Wives, the TV show? It doesn’t alter our results, netting the most interest in August every year. In case you were wondering.


NBA breakups and divorces are more interesting in the postseason

Just when you thought a basketball player already had enough on his mind, along comes a high-profile breakup or divorce that piques our interest (or furor, or high-five). Apparently, our interest rates in NBA divorce and breakups start climbing as the stressful postseason builds up to a head in July, when most basketball players actually do the deed. There is one exception, of course: that mountain of activity you see in November 2011, or when Khris Humphries and the extremely Google-friendly Kim Kardashian split up.

We wonder what their relationship status is more during Finals
One of the strongest correlations we’ve seen is between the final series taking place and an increase in queries about NBA players dating. While our own interest may be fueled by a deep-seeded desire that they’re single, too, it’s far more likely that the savvier female half of the population is just checking up on whether or not they should hold out for the title of the next Mrs. Larry O’Brien. 


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