#NBASitcoms Was This Weekend’s Funniest Hashtag


There’s a lot of funny business that goes on in the league, but NBA circles hit peak meme over the weekend after the #NBASitcoms hashtag went viral with teams and fans alike inserting their favourite ballers into popular TV comedies. Were some of the jokes a little lame? Perhaps. But as of press time, the hashtag was trending on Twitter in the U.S., spawning just over 10,000 tweets according to Topsy. Here our some of our favourite TV show posters that were created as a result.


Photo: Casey Bannerman/Twitter

The Toronto Raptors got in early on the game, suggesting such timeless sitcoms as DeRozanne, a comedy about a working-class shooting guard with a big heart trying his best to raise a family. User Casey Bannerman lept at the opportunity, creating this promotional poster for the series of the century.


Photo: Golden State Warriors

Brooklyn’s combination power forward and centre Andray Blatche stars in this comedy loosely based on situations that arise living with his real-life family. That Doris Roberts is one tough cookie.


Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

In this coming-of-age comedy, the young Randy Foye navigates pre-pubescent life as a guard for the Denver Nuggets. Life lessons, tests of character and other trials and tribulations abound as the show follows his life from middle school to the NBA.


Photo: Denver Nuggets/Twitter

The cultural liberalism of the 70s and the conservatism of the 80s clash in this family comedy centred on Ty Lawson. Things get particularly thorny when Ty’s conservatism and his parents’ hippyism come at odds.


Photo: @kobedamaso/Twitter

Two of the NBA’s biggest hitters (and, apparently, twins) Shaq and Kobe Bryant join up to cause slapstick mayhem in this Disney original series. The laughs pile up when the duo get into trouble and have to figure out clever ways to make things right.


Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

The New Orleans Pelicans’ new hire Russ Smith is set to portray the head of a dysfunctional family reeling from losing its fortune. Despite critical acclaim, Fox will ditch the show, because Fox ruins everything.


Photo: Casey Bannerman/Twitter

After re-signing to the Toronto Raptors, point guard Kyle Lowry takes on the challenge of finding the love of his life. Supported by a well-meaning but quirky cast (with Jonas Valanciunas taking on the role of playboy Barney Stinson, and Landry Fields and Amir Johnson starring as a bickering-but-perfect-for-each-other married couple), Lowry recounts the journey to his team’s latest rookie, Bruno Caboclo, two championship rings later in the year 2030.

 Photo: The Atlanta Hawks/Twitter

Our favourite simple and sweet concept, the Atlanta Hawks put together this quickie poking fun at the boys of NBA on TNT. The show? The Golden Guys. No caption necessary.

As with most great television shows, this hashtag earned its own spinoff: #NBAGameShows. Of course, the successor was neither as well-received as the original, and was canceled shortly. To view all the original episodes, take a look at the #NBASitcoms stream on Twitter.


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