New Crowdfunding Sites That Go Beyond Kickstarter And IndieGoGo

Starting a business or finishing a project is no longer about who you know, it’s about who you can meet. However, while crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe can help entrepreneurs by putting them in touch with backers willing to fund their dreams, newer platforms are springing up to aid more specific types of startups and create tempting investment opportunities for their supporters. Here are some of the newest and most unique crowdfunding sites to check out.

One-stop shop for entrepreneurs: Onevest
In addition to helping startups find investors to fund their projects, Onevest will also offer clients the service of using its matchmaking service that scientifically creates the perfect startup team. The new company is the result of a recent merger between RockThePost, an accredited investor portal, and CoFoundersLab, the creators of the online and in-person team building aspect. One helps with the other—a strong, capable and experienced team helps sell potential investors on whatever project or idea you cook up.

A place to find patrons of the arts: Patreon
Many crowdfunders are in the game to create something out of nothing, which makes it even more surprising that artists are only just now getting their own investment website. Patreon is striving to match artists with investors willing to shell out for art on a continuous basis, rather than Kickstarter’s one-time, make-it-or-break-it sum. The result is a trickle of funds that an artist can regularly draw on to fund their projects; a great thing in a world where content and media is horribly devalued.

The freelance writer’s dream: Newspryng
With mass layoffs hitting the media landscape in increasing numbers, more and more writers are becoming freelancers by necessity. The young and untested Newspryng site combines open journalism with crowdfunding, making it easier for writers to get published and paid for their work. Anybody with the power to tell a good story is allowed to post, with voluntary donations on each article going to the authours themselves. The returns may be small for the most part, but anybody’s who’s seen a piece go viral can easily see this site’s potential.

Enter the dragons’ den: Syndicate Room
Try to explain crowdfunding to the unwashed masses, and you may get a few blank stares. Tell them it’s like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, and you’ll get excitement. Syndicate Room works in much the same way as angel investor reality shows by allowing users to pitch to a group of confirmed and vetted investors. A more powerful investor may then choose to back a large part of the project, netting the lion’s share of the equity, with the rest covered by contributions from other users, who will share the same share plan as the bigger sharks on a smaller scale.

For the budding real estate tycoon: AssetAvenue
The real estate market is extremely profitable—if you can afford to buy in. To solve this problem, AssetAvenue allows multiple backers to fund the purchase of a commercial property, splitting the dividends among each of them proportional to their investments. The minimum buy-in is $10,000, but their team of underwriters picks and chooses the top five per cent of investment opportunities, complete with a high chance of cash flow, to ensure a risk-free bid. Once you throw your money into the hat, you’ll get access to an investment dashboard that lets you monitor the performance of your properties.

For the mobile programmers: Appbackr
Entrepreneurs looking to strike it rich these days aren’t looking to own a shop, but rather get their product into an app store. Apps are becoming increasingly simply to code, but that doesn’t mean they come cheap. Appbackr provides a space for mobile app makers to secure funding from backers who in turn receive dividends on their investments once the programs hit the market. The crowdfunding site notably offers a predictive algorithm to rank apps based on their projected popularity and usefulness, making it easier for backers to choose risk-free investments and app makers to know the viability of a product.


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