See Where NBA Players Are On Summer Vacation


After a grueling 2013-14 season, we can see why NBA players are ready for some rest and relaxation. This off-season they’re out visiting the globe’s most beautiful locales, eating world-class food and generally putting your family’s road trip to Disney Land to shame. Here are their coolest stops.


Photo: Chris Bosh/Instagram

Chris Bosh vs. the world
No one is winning summer more than Chris Bosh, currently avoiding the glare of the media’s free agency watch by vacationing abroad. With his wife Adrienne and little boy in tow, he’s documenting the “world tour” on Instagram. So far, he has hit up beaches, deserts and tropical jungles in Sri Lanka, and even ridden a camel. He arrived last night in Ghana, his next stop. Where will he go next? That’s anybody’s guess, but it’s likely to be cooler than a mere trip to the beach.


Photo: LeBron James/Instagram

LeBron James takes a short break in Turks and Caicos
This whole free agency madness may be his fault, but that’s no reason LeBron James can’t take his family out for a well-deserved trip to Turks and Caicos off the coast of Cuba before kicking off The Decision Part Two. He, his wife, Savannah, and his boys, Bronny and Bryce, went out bonefishing and stayed at the Amanyara Resort, where villa rates go for more than $6,000 a night. This detour seems just one stop on what will be a global vacation. Meanwhile, the NBA world watches and waits.


Photo: DeAndre Jordan/Instagram

The Clippers head to Amsterdam and enjoy a puff of culture
According to TMZ, some among the L.A. Clippers crew are doing up Europe in true baller style. DeAndre Jordan, reportedly on a Europe-wide tour, met up with who appears to be Matt Barnes and Glen Davis at one of Amsterdam’s famous coffee shops and enjoyed sampling its wares (hint: it’s not coffee they sell). his photo above was shot one day later, tagging fellow Clippers player Blake Griffin and, bizarrely, OKC swingman Ryan Gomes. The squad was in Croatia.


Photo: NBA Greece/Sport24

Kobe Bryant goes to Greece for a short vacation, does as the Romans do
NBA Greece reported that Kobe Bryant took some time off his European promotional tour for Nike and toured parts of the mediterranean country with his wife, Vanessa, as well as his two daughters, Natalia and Gianna. There was certainly at least one stop in Athens, where the family visited the Acropolis and the museum, and an Instagram post from Vanessa’s account suggest a stop in beautiful Santorini.


Photo: JR Duperrier/Instagram

Harrison Barnes, Ricky Rubio, Joakim Noah and John Wall kick it at the World Cup in Brazil
What do the aforementioned NBA players have in common? Why, they’re all representatives of Adidas, who sent them to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to catch the World Cup. They managed to watch two games (France vs. Ecuador, and USA vs. Germany), took in the sights from a helicopter and ate in one of Rio’s best restaurants, Churrascaria Palace. Interestingly, Adidas didn’t put them up with front-row seats, but rather a viewpoint a dozen or so rows up from the action. Turns out, Rubio took his Spain’s loss pretty hard, and noone was particularly impressed with Team USA’s performance, either. With soccer turning out to be a downer, looks like they just had to make do with enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and women. Rough.


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