The Most Stylish New Wearables

You always said you’d wear your fitness tracker more often if it looked better. Now you have no excuse. Smart watches and activity bands are moving away from clunky, boxy designs and toward more elegant styles that recall a simpler era when watches actually told time. Here are five new wearables you’d be proud to wear.
Withings Activité

Withings announced the first truly analog fitness tracker earlier this week, dubbed the Activité. It gets its beautiful, minimal face design from Swiss watchmakers, and the leather straps are coated in silicone to keep sweat off. Within, however, is an accelerometer and other tracking gadgets that output to a phone and keep tabs on your activity levels. The complication’s secondary hand tracks fitness progress (as defined by the user), ticking from zero to 100 until you reach your goal. It’s a simple, yet effective, way to combine style and motivation. This tracker is slated for the fall.


Moto 360
One of the first smart watches to fully embrace the classic watch aesthetic, the Moto 360 has a traditional round case and several analog faces to choose from. Without a touch screen, functionality would otherwise be relegated to a paired phone—but what’s the fun in that? The watch accepts several voice and gesture commands that can pull up Siri-like information (game scores and the like), load apps and send texts. Fitness-tracking capabilities are tied to the Android Wear line of apps, but it will also likely support the recently-announced health dashboard, Google Fit, which includes apps that monitor food intake, activity levels and workout data.

If it’s not fairly obvious from the digital tourbillion display, Android USA’s SmartWatch gets its stylish design from a company with experience in making actual watches, not just gadgets. In addition to timekeeping, it features Bluetooth smartphone connectivity and allows wearers to record voice memos, control music, access their contact list and input text and voice. The face alternates between analog and digital readouts for a bit of customization, and several colours are on offer.

Pebble Steel
The Pebble line has notably upped its game as both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker thanks to the new Misfit fitness app that released earlier this week. Most interestingly, this new app will not require the Pebble to interface with a phone to track fitness metrics. As for stylish flourishes, the Pebble Steel sports a sleek steel bracelet and utilizes an efficient ePaper display that’s easy on the batteries, unlike a digital OLED screen.


Cogito Classic
Revealed earlier this year, this pared-down, fashion-forward watch was made with one task in mind: to tell you when you need to check your phone. The Cogito Classic affects the look of a sport chronograph’s bezel dashes, and comes in several classy colours. Around the watch’s analog two-hand movement are several light-up indicators that notify you if you have an incoming or missed call call (with caller ID), message, or email, as well as reminders about appointments and alarms. Aside from minor features such as remotes for music playback and triggering your phone’s camera, that’s it—and these days, fewer bells and whistles can be a good thing. 


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