The Other Sports The NBA Is Playing This Summer


There’s never an end to basketball training for NBA players, but that doesn’t mean they let the game they’re paid to play professionally get in the way of enjoying their summer vacations. Tim Duncan has his surfing. Chris Paul loves his golf. Others have more eclectic tastes. Here are a few more notable NBA players we caught cheating on basketball, to varying degrees of success.


Photo: LakersWorld16/Instagram

Kobe Bryant hits a home run in softball
The Los Angeles Lakers may yet lose one of their best players to the MLB. Kobe Bryant was filmed hitting a home run playing in Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s celebrity softball game, impressively sending the ball over the opposite fences. Bryant credited the hit to some tips ex-NFL player Lawyer Milloy gave him. The Los Angeles Clippers’ Jamal Crawford joined Bryant in the game, but no word on whether he too possesses hidden softball skills.


Photo: YouTube

Greg Oden almost spikes a girl in the face playing volleyball
Being tall and built isn’t a huge liability in most sports, but Greg Oden’s stature almost backfired when the Miami Heat centre got a little too aggressive playing a friendly game of volleyball. In this video, we see Oden get set up by a player off the frame. Oden then winds himself up for a jump inches from the net, then drives a spike right into a female opponent’s face. She didn’t seem particularly fazed by a strike that would undoubtedly send most people reeling in the sand.


Photo: Stephen Nash/Instagram

Steve Nash plays tennis with Milos Raonic, loses
Who else can say they’ve played tennis with tennis pro Milos Raonic, now ranked the sixth-best player in the world? Steve Nash took to social media to let fans know that he had a chance to volley against the Canadian superstar, who reached his first Wimbledon quarterfinals this year and required Roger Federer (a seven-time Wimbledon winner) to take him down. Things went predictably, with the Los Angeles Lakers player writing that Milos probably “would like that hour of his life back.” Hey, we’re pretty sure Raonic was stoked to play with an NBA legend himself.


Photo: Andre Drummond/Vine

Andre Drummond goes bowling
Sorry, did you just say bowling isn’t a “real” sport? Andre Drummond’s recent Vine of him bowling proves critics wrong by adding passing, defence and other moves from his basketball lexicon to the other sport. Unfortunately, they didn’t translate all too well. The Detroit Pistons centre is seen attempting to dribble a bowling ball, blocking an opponent’s attempt and trick-passing the ball to a teammate, sending the comparatively tiny dude flying off-screen. Moral of the story? NBA players should stick to one type of hardwood.



Dirk Nowitzki and crew play soccer for charity
After learning that soccer has more fans among NBA players than previously expected, it now comes as no surprise to hear that Dirk Nowitzki and Wilson Chandler played out their World Cup fantasies during Steve Nash’s annual Steve Nash Foundation Showdown, with Michael Dunleavy, Jr., cheering from the sidelines. Nash perused his hometown advantage of sorts to beat Nowitzki’s team 10-7, continuing the undefeated streak Nash has enjoyed since he originally founded the tournament. 


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