What A Good Opportunity Looks Like

In today’s job market, it pays to know if you’re getting the best opportunity possible when you accept an offer of employment—and no, your paycheque isn’t the only indicator that matters. From fitting your lifestyle to having agreeable expectations, here are five marks of a job that has your name written all over it.

It matches your priorities
Many people work for money, but for others, fame or just being involved in a particular industry is good enough. The hours may mesh with your lifestyle as a father. The company shares your outlook on eco-friendliness or ethical behaviour. Whatever motivates you, the potential job gives you what you’re looking for. Also, as with any successful career advancement, it factors into your overall career goals. Either you see yourself with the same company 10 years down the line or you are confident it will act as a stepping stone to greater things within your field.

It’s challenging
Note that we didn’t say it’s “impossible.” That’s because employment that pushes you to become a better person is never easy, but it’s also not beyond your capabilities. The perfect job will allow you to introduce new ideas, get criticism from different perspectives and, believe it or not, fail spectacularly so you can learn from your mistakes. No matter how talented you are, you can find a job out there that pushes you to your limits. And that’s a good thing.

It doesn’t feel like work
If you’re in the right industry, your office will feel like a second home. That’s not to say long hours and tough bosses shouldn’t be a factor—indeed, you’ll need those to grow as a worker—but that your natural talents and interests should play directly into your job description. More or less, you’d be doing what you’re doing even if you won the lottery. Or if you were broke. Both examples work.

It’s consistent
You need to consider stability beyond job safety. Thankfully, this new gig pays on time, it is a decent commute away (or simply nearby) and you can tell it will be satisfying in the long run. Similarly, expectations from your bosses don’t vary wildly from day to day. They’re set out in an organized manner that helps you perform to the best of your abilities without worrying what will happen next.

You’re looking forward to getting started
When you were interviewing for the position, you listened to your future employer’s expectations for the job and, wisely, set out a few of your own. You also got to meet your future team of colleagues, none of whom look worked to the bone and seem happy to see the company succeed. Now, your mind is already racing with possibilities, from how you’re going to add your personal touch to the position to the new ideas you’ll bring to the table. If you’re this excited, there’s no chance that you’re taking the job out of desperation and can seriously see a future there.


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