5 Stylish Turntables With That Old School Sound

Analog is making a comeback in a digital world, so much so that record sales are at their highest in almost two decades and musicians are increasingly pressing albums onto vinyl. Sure, part of the reason is nostalgia, but if you’ve ever listened to a record, you’d know that’s how music was meant to be heard. If better sound quality isn’t enough to win you over, here are five stylish decks that will make you want to cancel your iTunes account for good.

McIntosh MT5 Turntable
This record player sets the bar for all others when it comes to quiet playback. Featuring a lit platter and McIntosh’s signature neon green display, the MT5 looks as good as it sounds. A magnetically-suspended platter driven by a three speed belt drive motor lends skip-free stability, while a host of noise and resonance suppression materials ensure the only sounds it reproduces are those from you vinyl.


Denon 100 Turntable
Denon released this throwback anniversary edition turntable a few years ago. The direct-drive record player claims a minimal design that goes a long way in the style department. It reproduces analog sound using the company’s famous DL-A100 cartridge (first created almost a half century ago), resulting in crisp, cogging-free audio.


UO x Crosley AV Room USB Record Player
With vinyl making a comeback in a digital world, it stands to reason that this collab turntable not only spins records, it plays MP3s and can connect with your computer or Mac. Sporting wood and metal details, this Crosley record player features an adjustable belt drive system that allows you to play seven- and 12-inch records with ease. The whole contraption is housed in a retro carrying case to keep it turning even after several trips on the subway.


Ion Archive LP
This Ion turntable offers an easy way to convert your analog vinyl collection into digital files that you can play on other devices using a simple USB hookup and included software. Under the sheen of its wood finish, it’s also got speakers built right in so you don’t have to own heavy stereo speakers to hear your music in detail—if you do, however, RCA inputs have you covered.


Pro-Ject Audio Debut III
This aptly-named entry-level deck is about as plug-and-play as you can get, from the pre-calibrated moving magnet tonearm to its audio inputs. The best part is the Debut III is available in several glossy custom colours for a few dollars extra, making it a steal if you’re also looking to step up your interior style game. Despite the low price point, however, its audio response remains true to analog’s crisp roots, bucking most groove and motor noise.


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