Being A Good Son Can Help Grown-Ass Men In Romantic Relationships

Momma’s boys can get a bad rap, but the same strong qualities that Kevin Durant’s mother taught him led him to an NBA MVP last season. Likewise, the strong qualities men learn being good sons can come in handy elsewhere in their lives—like with other women. If you’ve grown up respecting your mother, here’s why you’ll do well in your romantic relationships down the line.


You respect women
The first thing a woman may notice if you introduce her to your parents is how well you treat your mom—a fair gauge as to what she can expect if she enters a romantic relationship with you. If your relationship with your parent is positive, she’ll know that you are capable of long-term commitment that is based on mutual respect. But let’s face it: you don’t always take the girl back to meet the folks, as in the case of a one-night stand. Your positive relationship qualities will manifest in how you don’t manipulate women, how you always look out for their comfort and how you respect their level of consent when it comes to sex. No, these aren’t “nice guy” qualities. They’re the traits of a grown-ass man.

Providing for those you love is second nature
Moms in particular sacrifice a lot to raise their sons well. As such, guys who are close to their moms tend to be natural-born protectors and hard workers. However, their attitude can also extend to how they approach relationships. They’re great at solving disputes in a respectful way, they’re willing to work with their partners to get out of a rut and they stay honest out of respect for their partner’s emotional wellbeing.

You’re not embarrassed to be affectionate
A lack of affection is one of the leading reasons relationships end—and, truth be told, it’s often the guy’s fault. Men aren’t exactly raised in a world that lets them express their emotions. However, closeness to a female parent growing up can give guys a more highly developed sense of emotional literacy, so they can talk about what matters to them, and they’re less self conscious, so they don’t let their ego get in the way.

You don’t dismiss women
If you grew up close with your mom, you’ll have enough common sense to know that women have important things to say, they have real feelings and their value is far greater than just the sum of their looks. Men who have grown close to their moms won’t trivialize their opposite gender just because it’s “what men are supposed to do.”

You have a sense of self
Speaking of which, the aforementioned points can earn you a lot of chirps from your less informed friends. But the thing is, you shouldn’t care, and you don’t. When guys learn how to deal with their emotions and responsibilities, they get a clearer picture of what it really means to be a man. They don’t try to act according to stereotypes, they know men aren’t only after one thing in relationships and, most importantly, they know they don’t have anyone to impress. Confidence and independence are both pretty big turn-ons, at least last we checked.


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