Futuristic New Cell Phones That Will Re-Shape The Market Soon


If you’re among the many who feel a little let down by the current state of technology, mope no more. Within the year, we can expect wonderful new things in the smartphone market. Here are four upcoming handsets that will blow your mind.


Tag Heuer Meridiist Infinite Phone: a handset with infinite batteries
Battery life is increasingly becoming more important to consumers than so-called “futuristic” bells and whistles, but Tag Heuer’s Meridiist Inifinite luxury phone has both. The company, famous for its timepieces, didn’t fit the phone with a touch screen, but it did give it a photovoltaic sapphire crystal display that uses natural and artificial light to create enough energy to charge the device—the world’s first perpetual power reserve. Tag Heuer incorporated Grade 5 titanium, carbon and rubber into its design to celebrate the birth of its original dashboard chronograph in 1911. Release details are pending on Tag Heuer’s website.


Ubuntu Edge: a smartphone that’s also a desktop PC
If you were one of its lucky backers on IndieGogo, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Ubuntu Edge device, a smartphone that can be hooked up to a monitor to provide an authentic desktop computer experience. It will run Ubuntu, an open-source operating system that will give it the flexibility to use its powerful multi-core processor with 4GB of ram and 128GB of storage. When it’s not connected to a monitor, it reverts to a touch screen mobile phone, capable of connecting to most networks. Some devices are expected to ship this year.


Motorola Project Ara: a modular phone with swappable parts
One of the biggest issues we have with new phones is exactly that—they’re new phones. We get stuck having to purchase newer models, which is exactly what the Project Ara concept from Motorola is trying to avoid. The phone, which is currently in development, aims to make upgrades to hardware like the processor, memory storage, batteries and, yes, even the screen as easy as taking one part out and swapping it with another on a static frame. As new parts become available, you’ll have the option to go all out, or just take the improvements you need.


Samsung Gear Solo: a watch that’s a phone
With a rousing success in its Galaxy Gear 2, Samsung is upping the ante with a smartwatch that can make calls without being connected to a smartphone. In what is the most classically futuristic design we’ve seen yet, the Gear Solo watchphone is expected to feature a cellular radio and its own special service plan. Whether it texts and browses the web is still up in the air—an official announcement should be coming Sept. 3 during an event already planned by Samsung. Of course, that can’t come any sooner, considering Apple’s iTime is gaining more hype by the second.


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