How To Make A Moment Unforgettable For Your Girlfriend


LeBron James’ wife, Savannah Brinson, just reached another milestone in her life. As any guy should, King James lavished attention on her for her birthday, but without going all millionaire on her (as far as we know). There’s a takeaway from all that. Giving your girlfriend something to remember takes more than just the perfect (or expensive) gift and a few surprises. Here are five things you should consider doing for her special day.

Give her an experience

Yes, trips abroad make for a great photo album, but tailoring a surprise to her tastes and interests can take you even further. It doesn’t have to be something as expensive as buying out a restaurant and putting together a scavenger hunt—it can be something as simple as redecorating the living room before she wakes up. Thoughtfulness over expense and good timing over lavishness are what you should be aiming for, with a result that can’t be replicated.

Choose a theme that’s all about her
Focus, coupled with paying close attention, makes for a perfect occasion. Every woman is different, and there are multiple facets to every person. If you know of an interest of hers that holds a lot of meaning to her (or, if you’re particularly up to the task, know of something rarely discussed that she has a particular soft spot for), riff off that when you choose a gift or craft a surprise. She’ll be impressed that you remembered.

Let her celebrate solo
Something a guy rarely thinks of is giving his girlfriend a special moment to herself. Give her a chance to take her mind off things and just do her with a hall pass that involves a trip to the spa, a massage and even a short day trips—planned meticulously and set up by you ahead of time. She’ll be missing you by the end of the day, so always cap things off with a reunion over dinner.

Don’t do ‘nothing’
This may sound obvious, but it has become increasingly common that couples will do “nothing” when their anniversaries or other shared celebrations arise. Agree to it, but keep your fingers crossed. Find something fittingly small that she can hold onto as a memento, not unlike a personalized card or an inexpensive piece of jewellery that made you think of her. For once, you won’t get in trouble for breaking the rules—just don’t do so by too much.

Treat her like this everyday
James makes a good point in his Instagram post: treat her like it’s her birthday, everyday. Daily attention adds up and brings you closer, making you ever more mindful of who she is as a person—think of it as practice for being a great boyfriend. Making affection a constant in your relationship won’t spoil her for when more important occasions arise, either. Everything you pick up along the way will help you finetune your approach so even that little extra bit of effort will stand out in her mind for years.


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