10 Kickstarters That Can Make Life Better For Athletes

These days, sports innovation happens when regular people set out to create solutions to some of their biggest challenges. As these Kickstarter campaigns show, they’re not alone in wanting to change the way athletes practice their favourite sports. Here are some of the most useful new inventions we’ve seen on the crowdfunding site, perfect for those who live an active lifestyle.

KYMIRA Sport clothing
This line of reactive sports apparel takes your body’s wasted effort and converts it to infrared energy that helps your muscles work up to 20 per cent harder and longer. KYMIRA’s advanced fabric is created using 13 minerals embedded in the textile itself, which also helps keep you cool when you’re hot, and hot when you’re cool. It doesn’t hurt that their stuff looks good, too.


Jaha fitness band
Wearables that quantify athletes’ workouts are extremely useful, but they’re also fairly expensive. Jaha is out to change all that. They’ve made a fitness band that they’re hoping will retail for a mere $29. The current iteration has all the basics: step tracking, calories burned, run distance and sleep tracking. Connected to the mobile app, Jaha has a social aspect that lets you locate nearby runners and challenge them to games.


VYPER foam roller
Similar in form and function to your typical foam roller, this new recovery device adds in the element of vibration and massage to open up your muscles and reduce soreness. The creators at HyperIce made the VYPER roller with adjustable pressure and vibration, powered by rechargeable batteries. Of course, it wouldn’t be any fun without celebrity endorsements: the first two athletes to test out this new tech were Blake Griffin and NFL player Adrian Peterson.


Bionic Resistance training suit

Don’t let the copious amount of capital letters on their Kickstarter fool you, the Bionic Resistance suit looks like an impressive way to train your explosive movements without being tied down to something like a Vertimax. The harness comes with resistance bands that provide a workout for your legs, core and arms without using actual weights. As an added bonus, the neoprene material also creates a compression effect that helps keeps your muscles firing.

Kovo Sports Backpack
This new backpack solves the issue of never having enough room in your bag when you head out to the gym. Thoughtfully designed, the Kovo Sports Backpack features an insulated pocket for cool drinks and food, scores of small pockets for stuff like your phone and a bottom pouch that keeps dirty clothing separate from the main compartment—no more lingering sock smell. If you need space for your kicks, there’s an attachable shoe pack that will fit even your size 14 Jordans.


Noke bluetooth padlock
There’s nothing as frustrating as having to remember a combination after a particularly hard workout knocks you out. Rather than deal with that, all FUZ Design’s new bluetooth padlock needs to disengage is your smartphone nearby. The paired app lets you set the lock to automatically open when you’re in a certain radius (it’s manual by default), adjust its effective range, or even set a Quick-Click code to prevent it from opening accidentally. Push notifications put thieves on notice by sending you a message when your Noke is opened.


FullFX Sports ice compression therapy wraps
If there’s an invention that will spare us an ice bath, we’re all for it. FullFX Sports’ new ice wraps offer cool relief for your muscles as well as compression. Their line includes wraps for most injury-prone areas, including the knees, ankles, wrists, hands, feet, shoulders and chest.


Leikr GPS sports watch
While most GPS functionality is still relegated to a smartphone or a large, clunky positioning device, Leikr aims to change all that with a full-colour watch that displays your location on a two-inch screen. It’s surprisingly slim and waterproof construction will come in handy for triathletes, runners, explorers, bikers and other athletes who leave the world behind.


Zondo Firefly Bag
If you’re more of a nightowl when it comes to training, the Zondo Firefly Bag offers a way to make your runs or rides safer while keeping your stuff protected. Fully waterproof, the backpack uses an ultrabright LED to warn motorists of your presence. Features include space for a water pack, featherweight construction and even a removable belt for when you only need to carry the bare essentials.


Syte Sleeve
Not everybody can afford to ditch their smartphone for a fitness band, and let’s face it: not everybody wants to. The Syte Sleeve is a simple, waterproof forearm sleeve that houses your smartphone and makes it easy to access.


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