5 Suit Style Moves You Should Steal From Chris Bosh


Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James be warned—there’s a new man of style in the league. Miami Heat power forward and centre Chris Bosh has spent the better part of last season and this summer showing us that he’s got what it takes to be considered one of the NBA’s best-dressed, arriving at red carpets, weddings and other events with his suit game dialed to godmode. Herein, we steal five style moves from Bosh’s formalwear repertoire to give you an edge over your buddies (and even your boss).


Photos: Chris Bosh/Instagram

The modern tuxedo
The most formal of attires can be a tough look to nail, even for NBA players. Tuxedos haven’t evolved as much as other types of suits—a self-tied bow tie remains the ultimate topper, for example. For a slick, more modern approach, choose a shirt and a tux featuring hidden buttons and make sure the slim tailoring carries through the shoulders down the arms—wide lapels have a way of making your upper body appear wider than it is. The final contemporary touch is adding a boutonniere (also known as a lapel flower) that’s about as far removed from prom as possible—small, concise and tonal.


Take a shot at a double-breasted blazer
Now a perennial fall favourite, the double-breasted blazer is the easiest way to show you know what you’re doing. Chris Bosh is wearing a classic four-by-two button configuration, which means two of the buttons can be fastened (but what’s the fun in that?). His friends are sporting six-by-twos, whose top two buttons add only ornamental value. The takeaway from here is to ensure your jacket is slim across the chest and just hitting your beltline—as for material, lapel style and accessories, go wild. You can even feel free to take the jacket solo with a pair of dark jeans.


Dress it down
Bosh takes one of his well-tailored navy suit jackets and mixes things up with a pair of camo pants and informal tassled loafers. When you’re dressing down a suit jacket, balance is key, especially when it comes to fit—note the slightest break in those printed chinos. The briefcase in his hand restores authourity to the look. Regardless, today’s suitcase is considered more cool start-up and less CEO. You should aim for a simple flapped carrier with a bit of colour, like this navy one, instead of a boxy tribute to yesteryear.


Ditch the tie
For a guy who now has his own line of neckwear over at Armstrong & Wilson, Bosh tends to button up and lose the knot fairly often. It helps if you’re tall like he is, but the no-tie look works best when you have a shirt to show off—that is, one that matches your other accessories, like Bosh’s here, or a loud print you don’t want smothered by a pair of lapels. It’s not for every occasion, so if you want to ditch the necktie and still show off, consider a tie bar to secure your collar.


Know your options
Suiting has gone from one-trick pony to a blank canvas with limitless potential. There are several ways to sharpen your look, from layering with a vest (or cardigan, for the more casual hypebeast) to having the perfect quarter-inch of pocket square peeking out. Our advice is to choose two additions to emphasize and go for it—any more and things get a lot trickier.


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