The Best Accessories For Your New iPhone 6


The newest batch of devices from Apple were hardly even fully-charged before designers starting dropping accessories for them. Now, everyone who got their hands on an iPhone 6 last Friday has a field of options before them when it comes to customizing their new gadget. Here are some of our top picks, plus an extra one for those of you hoping to get your hands (or, more accurately, wrists) on an Apple Watch when it becomes available early next year.


The camera upgrade: Relonch Camera for iPhone 6
Much like the iPhone 6 was up until recently, the Relonch Camera is on pre-order. However, it too promises a revolution. Slide your iPhone into the device, and it allows you to take magazine-quality photos straight to your phone’s hard drive, enabling you to share them right away. The trick? A regular-sized lens with a large aperture that can take great photos, even in low light. That’s one way to up your sneaker selfie game.


The carryall case: Hard Graft iPhone 6 and 6 Plus case collection
Now that the new phones’ larger screens are taking up an even larger amount of your pocket real estate, it’s time to get a case that can also handle your cash and cards. Hard Graft’s new series of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases are made of Italian leather. The insides are lined with wool felt, keeping scratches at bay. Their collection includes varieties that open at the side, as well as bi-fold wallet style cases.


The charging dock that will outlast the iPhone 7: Henge Docks Gravitas

Designed from a dense zinc alloy (that just happens to look great), this dock fits your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus even though it’s nothing new. That’s because Henge Docks made the Gravitas with a swappable inner insert that allows it to charge the earlier generations of iPhone and iPad, and with the newer part, your new gadget, too. The company continually makes new inserts, so that when the iPhone 7 drops, you’ll be ready.

The battery pack that also protects: BuQu Power Armour for iPhone 6
BuQu’s lightweight battery case can effectively double your new phone’s battery life while keeping it protected from the hard knocks of daily use. A one-piece design easily locks your phone in rather than asking you to slide it home, protecting it from scratches. On the back, four LED lights tell you how much more juice the pack has left to offer, alongside a switch that lets you conserve what remains.


The up-sized sports armband: Belkin Slim-Fit Plus
Belkin was ahead of the game in releasing its new collection of iPhone 6 accessories, doing so just as the devices went on pre-order. With an adjustable strap that actually stays put, the Slim-Fit Plus armband features comfortable neoprene construction that’s also considerably breathable. It gets a loop for cord storage, too, helping keep any excess wires from bouncing into your face during a jog. The low-profile, slim design is a huge bonus for athletes dealing with clunky gear, but given the new iPhone’s size, you’ll probably still need jacked biceps to pull one off. (We kid, we kid).


One way to make the Apple Watch even more stylish: Dodocase Charging Stand
Yes, we realize that the Apple Watch is still a ways off, but apparently Dodocase is thinking well ahead of its competition. They recently announced that this stylish charging stand handcrafted from California Orchard Walnut wood and leather will be available around the same time as the hotly-anticipated watch itself. It features a carved relief at the top that snugly fits the watch’s inductive charging cable, allowing you to simply hang the digital timepiece off the stand in order to power up.


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