Functional Resistance Band Exercises For Basketball Players


Unlike free weights, resistance bands allow you to mimic the movements you use in-game everyday. That’s because exercises making use of the lightweight rubber bands don’t rely on gravity’s pull, allowing you to improve on techniques such as passing, sidestepping and shooting, even if you’re off the court—indeed, their compact nature lets you to get a get a workout in at home, while traveling, or at the office. Here are some exercises useful for getting into basketball shape and staying injury-free.


Photo: Los Angeles Clippers

Lateral steps
Your hip flexors are utilized every time you step sideways, and they also hold the key to keeping your knees feeling well. To target them, tie a resistance band in a loop and place one end over each ankle. In a standing position, take five controlled steps to one side, stretching the band between your legs and only slightly lifting your feet. Reverse direction and perform five more. Try to complete the exercise for 20 repetitions in each direction. For added challenge, perform the exercise while in a squat position with your hips slightly above knee-level.

Running range of motion kicks
Form a loop with your resistance band and either tie one end around a stationary object or shut it securely in a door at around knee height. Once in place, loop the other end of the band behind one of your knees. Standing a few feet away facing the door, kick your leg backwards and forwards in a complete running motion, ensuring that the band offers resistance at both extremes of the exercise. Perform 20 repetitions for each leg.

Forward leg raises
Tie a resistance band in a loop and step on one end with your foot. Loop the other end over the the knee of your opposite leg. In a controlled manner, raise your knee in front of you until it is parallel to the floor, creating downward resistance on your quads and activating your core. Perform 20 of these lifts one each leg.

Chest pumps
To get a pectoral workout, secure one end of a resistance band to an object or shut it in a door. Facing away from the anchor point, take hold of the other end of the band with your hand and push away from your chest. If you have two resistance bands, you may perform the exercise using both arms at once. Perform three sets of 20.

Bicep curls
Stepping on one end of a resistance band with your foot, grasp the other end in your hand. Starting with your arm fully extended towards the ground, perform a curl without moving your elbow or shoulder to assist the motion. Perform three sets of 10.

Deltoid raises
Either stepping on one end of the resistance band or securing it to a stationary object, grab hold of the free end of the band with one hand. Keeping your arm fully extended, raise your arm until it is parallel with the floor, then slowly lower it back down. Perform three sets of 10 using each arm.

Overhead shoulder raises
Step on one end of a resistance band and take hold of the other with your hand. Beginning the exercise with your hands at about shoulder level, extend them over your head while keeping your elbows close to your body. Slowly lower them back down to your shoulders. Perform three sets of 10 repetitions.


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