Social Apps That Connect You Directly With Pro Athletes

For many athletes, social media plays a massive part in the formation of their personal brands thanks to the way it enable them to connect with their fans. However, the experience is often muddied on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where a meaningful, direct connection is often impossible to make. Herein, some new apps that actually bring athletes and their fans together for a completely unique experience.

OverDog’s ambitious goal is to match you with like minded gamers—and, more importantly, a couple of guys you may recognize from a little game called NBA 2K15. With an Xbox One app nearing release and a smartphone version that connects to your Xbox Live and Playstation Network accounts, OverDog lets you specify your interests in sports, music, TV and more to build a profile. It then uses those parameters to match you with gamers you’d potentially want on your friend list, such as fellow Miami Heat fans. In the case of athletes, users can find and follow them using the app. When the star boots up a title and issues fans a challenge, users receive a notification that they’re down for a game, and OverDog randomly matches up one lucky user to play against their idols. Be careful: we hear Dwyane Wade is very, very good.


Photo: Sacramento Kings/Twitter

Following your favourite ballers sounds great, but wouldn’t a real, live phone call from them be even better? Phonio is an interesting new app that’s gaining traction among athletes and rappers, most notably the Sacramento Kings roster and Lil Wayne’s music label. (Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro’s number is 916-245-9325).The app allows celebrities to set up hotlines to which fans may subscribe using their phones. When the star has something important to share or they’re just feeling lonely in the early hours of the morning, they can dial up every one of their subscribers simultaneously for a candid, one-way chat. The star also has the option of calling one random fan for a true one-on-one conversation where the fan can respond.


Sqor Sports
On other social networks, it can be frustrating when athlete updates get lost in a timeline cluttered with sneaker photos and time-wasting clickbait. Sqor Sports is a new app that puts sports celebrities in the hot seat, allowing them to post personal updates from official accounts. For fans that follow them, said updates will appear alongside current sports stats, news articles and other content specific to the athlete gathered from around the web. Currently, the app’s Team Sqor boasts more than 1,500 professional athletes managing their own accounts, including 24 NBA players and counting. The app can be found in a desktop environment online, or installed to any phone with iOS or Android operating systems. The app integrates your existing social platforms, too, to make cross-posting easier.


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