The Best New Places To Meet Women In The Big City

Lonely in the big city? Forget Tinder. Meeting someone new in person is still possible—it’s just the venue that’s changed. Head out to these five great pick-up spots in your city and try your luck.

On a sports team
Most cities have organizations dedicated to your favourite sport, whether that’s basketball or longboat rowing. What more, co-ed teams are becoming more of a norm, often requiring equal representation from both genders. So sign up—they need you, and you need the exercise. It’s a recipe for meeting someone new, because shared experiences, competition and adrenaline all help foster new friendships. And we all know where those can lead.

Game bars
No, we don’t mean the kinds with big screen TVs and stale beer. Hipstery watering holes offering activities from boardgames to trivia nights are cropping up all over—and the best part is that they require teams, players and extras to make the experience fun. Head over to one with an open mind and a willingness to have fun, and you might find yourself playing Snakes and Ladders with your next date.

At extreme fitness clubs
While approaching someone at the gym may seem daunting and/or a little bit creepy (it is), the new wave of fitness clubs such as CrossFit and other bootcamps encourage teamwork and competition while breaking a sweat. As testosterone-fueled as they sound, they attract a bevy of beautiful women and offer a great platform for getting to know someone new.

At work
Wait, haven’t people always been hooking up at work? Yes, but the rise of contract work and a decrease in office rules about fraternization are making such things more acceptable than ever. However, keep in mind that men don’t have to deal with sexual harassment and workplace discrimination like women do. That said, if you’re a manager or in a position of power, you shouldn’t even be thinking of hooking up at work. For the rest of us, it’s all about a careful approach and being 100 per cent sure about those vibes she’s giving you—as in, let her make the move. Until that happens, you’re on the clock, so stay professional.

At the grocery store
They’ve got lineups and are packed full of beautiful women, but unlike clubs, you might actually visit them a few times a week, and so might that pretty face you keep bumping into. Grocery stores are becoming one of the best new places to meet women thanks in part to their low-key environment and the information you can get with a quick glance at each others’ carts, from availability to paycheque.


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