The NBA’s Favourite Fall TV Shows


Some play video games and others go out, but the vice that arguably hooks the most souls in the NBA is good, old-fashioned television. In an age of on-demand episodes and digital downloads, they’re surprisingly like the rest of us when it comes to chilling out and possibly binge-watching the latest season of their favourite shows. Here are five guy-approved TV series that come recommended by your favourite basketball players.


American Horror Story: Freak Show
Like many others across North America, the Toronto Raptors’ Patrick Patterson was eagerly awaiting the premiere of American Horror Story’s latest installment, Freak Show, along with Andrew Nicholson of the Orlando Magic. This season takes place at a 1952 sideshow and sees several series cast members returning to take on new roles—Evan Peters plays Jimmy “Lobster Boy” Darling, who sports some freaky fingers, and Jessica Lange comes back as freak show proprietor Elsa Mars. The horror element comes by way of a towering, truly frightening serial killer known as Twisty the Clown. Good luck sleeping after that.


Sons of Anarchy
Anthony Bennett, J.R. Smith, Joe Ingles and Tobias Harris are all hooked on season seven of Sons of Anarchy, which is expected to be its last. The protagonist outlaw motorcycle club lost a few of its main characters during 2013’s installment, including characters played by Ron Perlman and Maggie Siff, which implies an explosive end to the series. It also means that when the credits roll Nov. 18, 2014, it’ll be ripe for binge-watching from episode one on through to the end.


Survivor’s Remorse
Counting LeBron James as its executive producer, Survivor’s Remorse follows a new professional basketball player adjusting to life in the fast lane along with his crew of buddies and family members. Unsurprisingly, the story’s loosely based on James’ own life, and focuses on the struggles of balancing fame and friendship similar to how Entourage did back in the day. Tristan Thompson gave LeBron’s show some love a few days before it premiered.


The political drama Homeland has counted Anthony Morrow as one of its longtime fans, or at least since season three—though how you could start this thriller halfway in is beyond us. Now, it appears Morrow is right back where he left off. This year’s season four recently premiered, and follows CIA officer Carrie Mathison during an assignment in the Middle East in the months after anti-hero Nicholas Brody’s, well, we’ll call it a “disappearance” for those who haven’t seen season three. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll come back before the finale.


With the prolific Shonda Rhimes behind the series, it’s no wonder why Isaiah Thompson called Scandal his “favorite show” back in December. Now on season four as of late September, the political drama refocuses on the show’s core characters as their crisis management firm helps protect the White House from, well, scandals. The hard-hitting series offers a good dose of drama if you’re starved for some Washington D.C. goodness ahead of the next season of House of Cards.


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