Ty Lawson Takes To Reddit To Answer Fan Questions

While some basketball players are content simply collecting likes on Instagram, Ty Lawson is actively building a massive fan following on and offline by engaging his fans one-on-one over social media. The Denver Nuggets point guard continued his practice yesterday when he took to Reddit’s /R/NBA forum to answer questions on numerous topics. And let’s just say, he was more than forthcoming. Herein, we compiled the most interesting things Ty Lawson had to say, including who’s on his basketball Mount Rushmore, what he’s excited for next season and even a bit about his likes and dislikes.
Photo: Ty Lawson/NBA/Reddit 

The upcoming 2014-15 NBA season

What he’s most excited for: “i most excited about how good we are going to be this year”
How the conference will look with Denver in the first seed: Spurs #2, Clippers #3, Warriors #4, OKC #5, Portland #6, Dallas #7, Houston #8
Season expectations: “we should be top 3 in the west.. were gonna be good,amazing season is 2nd and 3rd round in the playoffs.. me: all star and improving my numbers”
Which injured Nuggets player he’s most excited to see return: Danilo Gallinari
Which Denver rookie he’s most excited for: Gary Harris and Erick Green
How’s the hamstring? “hamstring is feeling good 100%”
Most anticipated match-up: Golden State Warriors
On the Golden State Warriors/ Denver Nuggets rivalry: “yeah the warriors are def a rival.. we both play the same way and the games are fun for everyone. i feel like our team is going to be top 3 in west… YOU HEARD FROM ME FIRST”
How he feels about Jusuf Nurkic: “Nurkic is a beast, its gonna be hard to keep him on the bench“
The Nuggets’ focus this year: Defence and getting the ball in the post
How many minutes he hopes to play given the Nuggets’ increased depth this year: “playing as many minutes as coach wants me to play hopefully its 48min”
Has he reached his peak? “i think i can always get better and better”

Life before the Nuggets

When he realized he could go pro: Junior year in high school
When he started wearing a headband: High school
How he got so fast: He ran wearing strength shoes, a weight vest and ankle weights in high school
What made him commit to Roy Williams’ Denver Nuggets: “they thing that sold me was that the day after unc won the national championship roy came to oak hill to recruit…that showed that he really cared…”

Career highlights

Best NCAA moment: “the most memorable moment was riding back on the bus on franklin street seeing all the fans cheering us on”
Best NBA moment: “hitting the game winner over okc and then hitting my favorite dance on them…THE BERNIE!!!!”
Best childhood memory: “my aau team dc blue devils being in vegas for the first time… we were so thirsty to see females and run the city…too much fun
Best dunk of his career: His dunk over D.J. Mbenga and Josh Powell

Other players, according to Ty

Ty’s basketball Mount Rushmore: Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson
Who gets laid more, Chandler Parsons or Danilo Gallinari? Chandler Parsons
The funniest guy in the locker room: Nate Robinson, by far
The fastest point guard in the NBA: Derrick Rose
The toughest point guard he’s played against: Russell Westbrook
The best point guard defender in the NBA: Mike Connelly
The best dunk he’s seen: Vince Carter’s dunk contest [during the 2000 All-Star Weekend]
The most underrated point guard in the NBA: Mario Chalmers
Which NBA player, past or present, would he go one-on-one with: Allen Iverson
Past player he’d want to team up with: Charles Barkley
Would he have kept James Harden or traded him? “would have kept him for sure!!!! would have gave him that 80 mill easily”
Would he have an issue playing Kobe Bryant? “nah i wouldn’t have a problem with bean ..love to play with him,.. but i want bust his ass right now when we play the laker”

Ty’s likes/dislikes

Favourite player growing up: Tracy McGrady
Favourite team to play against: Phoenix Suns
Favourite point guard to play against: Chris Paul
Favourite three-point celebration: Putting his guns back in the holster
Favourite city to play in or visit: Chicago
Favourite arena to play in: “the golden state warriors!!! their fans are absolutely crazy”
Favourite drink ending in -ade: Lemonade
Favourite pokemon: Raichu
Which team would he join other than Denver: Miami Heat
Which team he would never play for: Utah Jazz (the city’s too boring)
Albums he’s listening to: “lil B… i don’t want that curse he put on kd”
Least favourite team to play against on the road: “least favorite team to play on the road is the utah jazz because their fans are so reckless”
Least favourite players to play against: “I HATE playing against russell westbrook and andrew bogut russell just plays so reckless and he’s hard to stop andrew bout likes to throw some would say dirty shots but its to help his team win ..in some way i respect it tho”

Stories from the hardcourt

Best story from practice: “funniest thing that has happened was when one of teammates got so mad on while 5 on 5 that he stopped in the middle of a play and punted the ball into the 30th row lmao”
Best trash talk he’s heard: “lol the craziest thing that i heard tthat someone said on the court was that someones girlfriend tasted like cherrios 0_0”
Funniest thing he’s seen or heard Javale McGee do: “lol the funniest thing i heard him say was when a fan yelled out ‘ thats the guy on shaqtin a fool’ and javale immediately turned and said ‘yeah but I’m shaqtin this cash …’”


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