Young Money: 2014-15 NBA Rookies Show Off Their Riches

With the 2014-15 NBA season about to start, rookies are getting restless. They’ve barely even had a whole summer to adjust to the fact that they’re embarking on a career that, if they play their cards right, will earn them more money in one year than the average household makes in a decade. Naturally, they do what any super-rich, social media-savvy 18-year-olds would do after cashing their first paycheques: show off. Here are the flashiest rooks in this year’s league, stunting everything from stacks of cash to brand new rides.

Photo: Aaron Gordon/Instagram

Aaron Gordon
Annual salary: $3,992,040

According to an earlier Bleacher Report interview with the number four draft pick, Aaron Gordon was planning on squirreling his money away in savings. As it turns out, it appears that the 19-year-old Orlando Magic player changed his mind. Here he is posing with his brand-new Jaguar XJL in matte black and chrome details, worth $93,600 stock. “I’m 19 but my rims are 22,” wrote Gordon on Instagram. We’re not even jealous—okay, maybe just a little.
Photo: Devyn Marble/Twitter 

Devyn Marble
Annual salary: $776,666

Unlike fellow Orlando Magic player Aaron Gordon, Devyn Marble makes considerably fewer stacks less as the 56th pick in the NBA draft. Perhaps that’s why Marble consumes so conspicuously. He purchased two iPhone 6s—one gold, one silver, just in case—on release day, which he later boasted about on Twitter. However, the 22-year-old’s most impressive purchase is this Audi A7, which retails for $72,395 without options. It’s his first car.

Photo: Julius Randle/Instagram

Julius Randle
Annual salary: $2,900,000 
According to The Courier-Journal, the Los Angeles Lakers’ new product, Julius Randle, now drives a murdered-out Porsche Panamera. Although technically he owned this whip prior to being drafted number seven in his class, he wouldn’t have sprung for the sportscar without knowing he was destined for bigger, better things than playing for the University of Kentucky until graduation. Still, it has us wondering where he found a car salesman willing to finance a 19-year-old’s $112,500 ride, not counting the custom details. 

Photo: Marcus Smart/Instagram

Marcus Smart
Annual salary: $3,280,000

Number six NBA draft pick Marcus Smart shared this new acquisition on Instagram the day after the draft, leading us to believe that the freshly-minted Boston Celtics player bought himself a little present to celebrate—after all, we’re pretty sure the 20-year-old couldn’t afford it beforehand. The timepiece turns out to be a $35,000 Dunamis Hubris HU-S14, which features a liquid diamond dial, approximately 14.31 carats worth of ice and a 25 Jewel Swiss automatic movement. So, nothing too crazy.

Photo: DeMarcus Cousins/Instagram

Nik Stauskas
Annual salary: $2,745,840
This year’s number eight draft pick, Nik Stauskas, was caught red-handed by fellow Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins taking a snap of what is (at our count, at least) $1,100 in hundred dollar bills. What does Cousins do? He shares the candid photograph of the team’s resident Canuck on Instagram, teaching the 21-year-old a lesson on staying humble.


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