5 Extravagant Ways To Keep Your Wardrobe At Its Finest


Washing clothes is not the task it once was, when all you needed was a washer, some soap and a few hours to kill. No, thanks to technology, it’s actually easier. These new appliances combine the best of interior design and professional technology to clean your clothing and extend its shelf life better than traditional methods. 


This 10-minute dry cleaning system fits into your closet and uses minimal resources to wash, restore and unwrinkle your clothing. After you hang a garment inside the Swash and insert a pod of detergent, the $500 machine takes care of the rest with the press of a button. The water-free system removes odours and is supposed to extend the life of your clothes, unlike traditional dry cleaning.


ESFO Shoebooster
This well-designed appliance automatically shines your priciest kicks without fear of messing them up, and looks good doing it, too. Slide the front lid to spool up the ESFO Shoebooster Model L, which retails for around $1,600, and its real horsehair brush starts spinning. Using the dispenser on the side, apply Swedish-made leather balm directly to your shoes and then buff them up with the brush. The result is a professional-quality shine that you don’t have to go downtown for.


Samsung WW9000
Samsung’s new front-loading washing machine is the most technically-advanced washer yet. The smart washer can integrate with your phone using an app to send you notifications and keep track of remaining time, but the most impressive feature is its automatic optimal wash setting. Using a series of sensors, the $2,700 appliance determines a given load’s size, degree of dirtiness, the amount of water needed and the detergent type it requires. If you’ve got a specific job for it—say, getting sweat stains out of sports apparel—a touch menu helps you narrow down the best cycle.


Laurastar S4A
Every grown man needs to know how to iron his own clothes, and he also need the right tools for the job. The $2,000 Laurastar S4A ironing system is an iron and board combination that includes a 1.2-litre integrated steam generator that holds enough water to power through an entire load. It also heats up in three minutes or less, helpful if all you need to do is touch a shirt up before stepping out the door.


Bube & Zorweg Python Connoisseur
If you pay attention to—and have a taste for—the finer things in life, you should consider a watch winder in your bedroom. However, the Bube & Zorweg Python V12 doesn’t only ensure your collection of timepieces is well-maintained. Within its classic automobile-inspired case with Italian leather and walnut accents, it houses 16 watch winders, a climate-controlled humidor, a bar and even a weather station. Such extravagance doesn’t come cheap, however, with the Python retailing for a whopping $55,500.


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