5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Proposing

According to Hollywood Life, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young is on the verge of a LeBron James-esque Decision—except he’s thinking of matrimony, not the Miami Heat. Sources told the website that Young is considering popping the question to rapper Iggy Azalea, and he may even have picked out the ring. When he’ll do it is another matter entirely. That’s because not everything is as obvious as buying a ring, getting on one knee and popping the question. Here are five things every man should keep in mind before making the big ask.

Photo: Jason Corey/Flickr/Creative Commons

Ask for permission
No, we don’t mean ask her father for permission (but you should definitely give pops a heads up). The day you propose to her should not be the first time the topic of marriage has come up between the two of you. In your long discussions on the subject, she’ll have indicated that she’s as ready as you are to make a commitment—that’s your green light. The proposal itself should just be a formality. Young and Azalea have been in talks for a while now.

The price of the ring doesn’t matter, yet
Many guys hold themselves back until they can afford a four-figure rock, but that’s not necessary. These days, more couples—notably, Millennials; but their parents’ parents did it, too—are buying rings within a considerably affordable price range at first. A second, more impressive band can be purchased a few years down the line as an anniversary present when you’re both more established in your careers. It’s a thing.

Then there’s ring insurance
A lot can happen in between now and the big day. You now have to get the ring insured, and you can consider it non-negotiable regardless of its pricetag. A few renters’ and home insurance policies will cover rings in case of such an event, but most require you to specifically purchase an extended plan. All it takes is a receipt, a quick appraisal from a jeweller and roughly one per cent of your ring’s value per year. Oh, and don’t forget to update your policy when you move, as it’s often tied to a specific address.

Keep it simple
The less things you have to think about before your proposal, the better. That means nixing the carefully-orchestrated lipdub for YouTube, the unnecessary fireworks, or the surprise trip to Milan that can fall through at a moment’s notice. Limit your plans to a specific venue, event, or holiday, and that’s it. You’ll thank us later.

She said yes! But it’s far from over.
Your planning should extend beyond her agreeing to marry you. No matter how well you think you know one another now, engagement changes everything. During this period, you’ll be tested financially, mentally and physically as you plan for your wedding and have time to really, really think about your future together. As for marriage itself? It’s the same thing, times five, maybe with kids, forever. That look in your eyes, however, tells us you’ve got this. Go forth and make it happen.


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