Derrick Rose’s Injuries, Illustrated By 7 Hilarious NBA Memes


Basketball is in its second week of regular play, and already the injuries are piling up. Rookies are dropping like flies—Julius Randle broke a leg in his first-ever NBA game, Marcus Smart busted his ankle. Even household names and veteran players aren’t impervious at the beginning of this season’s rough start. One player has been having a particularly rough time of it: Derrick Rose. With the injury-prone Chicago Bulls point guard failing to stage a tentative comeback after a slew of knee injuries—he has missed all but one of his team’s first four games—a raft of new memes hit social media to add insult to his injury. As mean-spirited as they are, they’re actually pretty damn funny.


Photo: Jowin Paul Apolonio/Facebook

The Chicago Bulls’ first game on Oct. 29, 2014 was fairly uneventful, although all eyes were on Rose that night. Some, of course, were cringing, knowing full well that one misstep could spell doom for the franchise.


Photo: NOT Sports Center/Twitter

This is what everybody was assuming would happen, but Rose plowed ahead, scoring 13 points in the Bulls’ victory over the New York Knicks.


Photo: NOT Sports Center

The horror began the next game when Chicago went up against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Rose was sidelined, perhaps inevitably, in the third quarter by what he called a “minor” injury. Unfortunately, that was wishful thinking for him.


Photo: Rob Taormina/NBA Memes/Facebook

The memes began pouring in. Here, Rose takes the place of Bad Luck Brian in an image macro that’s used to explain humourous and embarrassing occurrences. Ankle injury: embarrassing.


Photo: Black Adam Schefter/Facebook

Even video games do not provide an escape from Derrick Rose’s injuries.


Photo: Jsantos502/Twitter

Some jokes never get old. Whenever Rose is taken away on a stretcher, this meme of Brian Scalabrine cast as a possible replacement surfaces. Don’t worry, the White Mamba will forever be on standby.

Photo: Jeopardy! Sports/Twitter
With Derrick Rose’s future once again up in the air—or should we say, firmly rooted to the Bulls’ bench—Sports Jeopardy! leaves us with a message of hope. He will walk once again, ladies and gentlemen.
Editor’s note: As funny as these memes are, we wish Derrick Rose a speedy recovery. 
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