Nick Young’s Tips For Finding Love In The Social Media Age


In a new video promoting his Forever 21 “Unwrapped” clothing campaign with rapper—and, potentially, future wife—Iggy Azalea, Nick Young dropped some knowledge on how he managed to score one of the hottest women on earth through social media. Now, don’t laugh. Analysts approximate that almost 21 per cent of couples that got married after meeting online originally connected through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as opposed traditional dating websites. That could be you! So, listen up. Herein, we break down Swaggy P’s best advice, from how to make a proper approach to knowing when to quit.

Play it casual
A good way to declare your interest (without declaring your interest) is to play it casual in a fun way. Nick Young, for one, employed the Woman Crush Wednesday hashtag, #WCW, to put his affections out there. Luckily, Iggy bit on it. “Just say something funny,” he says. “I tryin’a act like I seen you somewhere, like, ‘Where I know you from?’” Playing a little disinterested can work wonders, even in real life. Just don’t come off too strong.

Know when to quit
Speaking of which, coming off too strong is a common pitfall when social media makes it easy to contact your crush. Young offers a few words of warning: “You can’t constantly hit ‘em up on Twitter. If they don’t respond, it’s over.” Women these days don’t need to meet you, online or otherwise, to know what you’re all about—that handy information is just a Google search away. If they’re not being responsive, chances are you’re just not their type.

Connect about a mutual interest
As with most relationships, finding common ground is a great way to kick things off. Thankfully, discovering an interest the two of you share is easier than ever because of the sheer amount of information we make public on social media—within limits (no cyber-stalking, as it gets weird if you bring up her high school fascination with Hannah Montana). What Young did was admit his intent to get better at cooking, one of Iggy’s favourite pasttimes, and she dug it. 

Take it offline
Alright, the girl’s hooked. What’s next? “I use my smile after that, and it’s in the bag,” says Young. He kind of left out the part about being a famous professional basketball player, but essentially, he’s right: you have to back up your cyberspace game with some offline action. Translated, we’re saying you should finally ask her out. The best first dates after meeting online are also the most casual. For example, Young and Azalea’s first date was—we kid you not—a trip to Target. As for yourself, consider meeting up for a coffee during the day or going out for a drink just after work hours (drinks, should the night turn out well). 

Own it
Tonnes of couples meet online these days. It’s a thing. Should you and your crush eventually become an item, own the circumstances of your meeting like Nicky Young does. There’s no need to play dumb or trump up your situation with a fake story.


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